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  • Hello and welcome to the About Pets channel!

  • In today's video, we will be talking about the 6 practices that emotionally harm your cat.

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  • Although cats are known for being reserved and distant, their owners know that this is not true.

  • Even with a more independent profile, felines always find ways to express their affection for their humans,

  • whether it be asking for cuddles, hugs, or simply following them around the house.

  • And, like any creature, cats can also feel hurt by some of our behaviors.

  • So, check out the list below with 6 practices that can hurt the feelings of your furry companion.

  • 1. Not Cleaning the Litter Box

  • Cats are very clean animals and they hate doing their business in a dirty place.

  • Although many litter brands, wood pellets, or silica promise to avoid strong odors for several days,

  • it is important to clean the feces daily for the cat's comfort and to prevent it from choosing another place in the house as a bathroom.

  • After all, who would like to use a bathroom that hasn't been cleaned for a week?

  • 2. Making Loud Noises

  • If screams and noise can be unpleasant for the ears of many humans, for cats, it's even worse.

  • Due to their highly sharpened hearing, they can experience a condition called "acoustic stress", caused by excessive noise in the environment.

  • So, talking loudly or listening to music loudly can hurt your cat, making it feel that you do not respect its sensitivities.

  • Of course, we can't always avoid these noisy situations,

  • so a tip is to leave your cat in a quieter and isolated environment to avoid stressing him until the agitation passes and it can return to its routine.

  • 3. Leaving Old Food

  • One of the most common mistakes made by cat owners is leaving food in the bowl for too long, especially when it comes to dry food.

  • Although it may seem harmless, this can activate the cat's ancestral instinct to avoid spoiled meat that can cause diseases.

  • To avoid irritated meows for better food rights, it is important to establish meal times for your cat and put only what it can eat in the bowl.

  • If this is hard to follow due to your routine, you can try mixing the dry grains with fresh ones again in the food bag and hope your cat doesn't notice.

  • Remember that the instinct to avoid bad food also applies to water, so don't forget to clean and replenish the water container regularly to keep it hydrated.

  • 4. Provocations Actions

  • Such as pulling the tail, messing with the fur, or picking up a cat without consent can be seen as hostile and confusing to the animal, causing agitation and making it feel that its safety is threatened.

  • It is important to avoid these "play" to transmit confidence and security to your cat, avoiding it to avoid contact with humans or try to run away from home due to these inappropriate behaviors.

  • 5. Moving Them Out of The Way

  • It's important to remember that cats are curious animals and always willing to help their owners in various tasks.

  • However, in some situations, it is necessary to move them away for their own safety.

  • This doesn't mean that they can't be hurt by this action.

  • To avoid hurting them, it's important to give the animal a moment to engage in the situation, give a pet, and gently redirect them to a more suitable place.

  • 6. Neglect and Long Periods of Absence

  • Cats are animals that need attention and interaction with their owners, even though they have an independent personality.

  • The lack of contact, playtime, and prolonged periods of absence can leave cats sad and depressed.

  • Therefore, it is important to set aside some time to spend quality time with your cat, even if you have a busy schedule.

  • This will help strengthen the bond between you, and keep your cat happy and healthy.

  • These are the 6 practices that emotionally harm your cat.

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Hello and welcome to the About Pets channel!

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