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  • take a look at the relationships you form with other people.

  • Are they healthy?

  • Our social connections with other people are not only vital to our mental and emotional well being, but also our survival.

  • However, sometimes relationships and friendships may end up becoming toxic and unhealthy, but what's worse is it can be hard to recognize the signs that it's all gone bad.

  • So to help you become more aware, here are seven behaviors you should never tolerate in a relationship.

  • Number one.

  • Physical verbal or emotional abuse, controlling behaviors including physical, emotional or verbal abuse is a big red flag.

  • Perhaps you're just trying to explain how you feel and they respond to you by insulting you or your loved ones physically harming you by pushing or hitting you, making fun of you in front of others or gaslighting you.

  • There are some things that are unacceptable for a relationship and these are some of them.

  • Number two, they want to change you.

  • Have they asked you to dress differently or to completely change the way you look act or feel?

  • It's inappropriate if someone makes you give up your interests, certain personality traits or other crucial areas of your life for them.

  • If they make you feel like you have to give up on things that make you you, then there is a chance that they like you for who you could be and not who you are, ultimately Someone who truly loves, you will encourage you to pursue your interests and relationships and they will push you to do so because they want to see you happy.

  • # three overly critical.

  • Do you feel judged by them all the time?

  • If so it's a clear indicator that they aren't treating you with the respect and care that you deserve.

  • A healthy relationship or friendship can help you become the finest version of yourself.

  • So if a partner, family member or friend continuously tells you what's wrong with you, that's a huge red flag, they may regularly criticize aspects of your personality or blame you for your appearance, both of which are brutal, immature and deceitful tactics to exert control in a relationship.

  • Number four, crossing boundaries do they joke about things that you Don't appreciate?

  • Maybe they talk about things that you don't want to talk about cross physical boundaries without your consent.

  • Try to force you to let go of your boundaries or share things about your private life with others despite your protest.

  • These are only a few examples of when someone crosses your boundaries and it's an indication that they don't care to prioritize your emotional well being over themselves or others.

  • # five, gaslighting Manipulation in any form including gaslighting is on the list of things that should never be tolerated in a relationship.

  • Examples of gaslighting include denying doing anything wrong and distorting reality to the point where you begin to doubt your own thoughts and feelings.

  • # six, lack of communication.

  • Voicing your concerns is an important and vital aspect of maintaining a healthy relationship, Both active, listening and speaking are important as you may find that a lack of communication can quickly derail a relationship.

  • So if you notice that they become hesitant to tell you what bothers them or what they need and want from you, then it may be a sign that your relationship has become an unhealthy one.

  • Ultimately, everyone requires an outlet.

  • Failing to communicate, may result in things being bottled up, which never ends well and number seven, manipulation and control.

  • Do they tell you what you should wear or whom you can and can't talk to?

  • Do you feel like your life entirely revolves around them?

  • Perhaps everything you do now is to please them because you don't ever want to risk upsetting them.

  • This need to have all the power and control in the relationship is a big red flag and something you should never tolerate.

  • Do you think your relationship has gone south?

  • Let us know in the comments below.

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take a look at the relationships you form with other people.

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