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  • It's really impressive.

  • Exciting as well.

  • Colourful.

  • It's out there, compared to this landscape!

  • You can spot it out from, like, everywhere.

  • I absolutely love it.

  • I'm Morag Myerscough and I build big structures that often involve community, making work

  • that people have ownership over and they're part of the whole process.

  • English Heritage wanted to do an artwork to commemorate the 1900 years of Hadrian's Wall.

  • The moment we came to Housesteads and I looked at this view, I just felt this was the place

  • to do it.

  • This is a gatehouse so it made logical sense to me to just build a massive gatehouse that

  • talks about now and talks about the people who live here but also reflects on the past,

  • passing through, so it just was the right place.

  • It just clicked and I wanted to make a gatehouse.

  • The artwork will use the footprint of the original North Gate and we'll build the structure

  • on top of it.

  • The structure will be scaffolding so the scaffolding will be clad with over 300 hand-painted panels

  • that we painted with the community and it will be full of bright colours, expressive

  • words and symbols and it will be the first time in 1600 years that you can stand at the

  • height of the original wall and look out onto what the Roman guards used to look out onto.

  • So I'm having a conversation about what symbols mean to people.

  • We looked at lot at Roman symbols and how they would use them to represent their history

  • and then we did some poetry workshops as well.

  • So we really got the guys ideas about what's important to them.

  • So this one, bright colours.

  • There were two young women in that group who just absolutely love bright colours so their

  • clothes.

  • A lot of the conversation was historically based, so people talking about what the wall

  • meant to the people who lived in the communities when the Romans built it.

  • Morag, what she's really taken with in terms of pattern and symbols was the huge array

  • of stonework we have here in the museum.

  • There's almost every symbol and every pattern that you can imagine on the alters and the

  • tombstones and some of the centurial stones where the soldiers made their mark, telling

  • us that they built the wall and that really appealed to her because her artwork is all

  • about people making a mark.

  • This is different, this is fun, this is joyous and it's a good celebration for the 1900th

  • anniversary of the building of Hadrian's Wall.

  • We've all worked together and everybody's really enjoyed making the work and I think

  • that makes a good piece of work.

  • It's a joyful piece of work.

It's really impressive.

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