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  • Long ago, on a fateful night, just as the new year began, a mythical beast called Nian emerged from the darkness and onto the land.

  • Nian began hunting people and animals and destroying their homes.

  • It was utter chaos.

  • People had no idea how to protect themselves from the beast.

  • Eventually, they discovered that Nian was afraid of loud noises, fire, and the color red.

  • So from then on, before New Year's Day, people would post red couplets, which contain blessings and wishes they have for the New year, on the front of their houses.

  • They would also light loud and bright firecrackers and hang lanterns to scare the beast away just in case he was still around.

  • Did you know that this story actually tells us the legend of how Chinese New Year began?

  • Chinese New Year.

  • Also known as Lunar New Year is a festival celebrated every year by Chinese communities worldwide.

  • From Hong kong to London and Sydney to san Francisco.

  • It is a very important festival to Chinese people because they believe that a good start to the year will lead to a lucky and prosperous year.

  • Chinese New Year starts on the very first day of the lunar calendar.

  • This day usually falls in January or February.

  • Like a lot of celebrations around the world and in different cultures, there are special traditions that are observed during Chinese New Year.

  • One of the most obvious traditions is the use of the color red.

  • This is because red represents good fortune and happiness.

  • That is why you'll see lots of red decorations such as lanterns and couplets hanging around streets, buildings, and in houses as well.

  • One of the exciting parts of Chinese New Year are all the red envelopes.

  • These envelopes have money inside and are given to Children by married adults, which bless them with a peaceful new year.

  • Firecrackers are also set off to sound out the old year and welcome in a better new year.

  • Are they loud?

  • Chinese New Year is an important time for families to be together.

  • People come home from all around the world to celebrate the festival with their families.

  • On Chinese New Year's Eve, families sit together at round tables for a reunion dinner and enjoy a feast.

  • Some foods are extra popular at this time because their names or appearances carry positive symbolic meanings.

  • These foods include dumplings, mandarins and rice balls. Yum!

  • During Chinese New Year, you can say, 新年快樂 萬事如意, which means "Happy new year! May all your wishes be fulfilled!"

  • Everyone celebrates special days in their own way.

  • Different people have different traditions that they enjoy during their festivals, and these are just some of the common ones seen during Chinese New Year.

Long ago, on a fateful night, just as the new year began, a mythical beast called Nian emerged from the darkness and onto the land.

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