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  • Walkouts by some Scottish teachers, which began yesterday, have continued today.

  • Tomorrow will be the first of six days of postal strikes across December.

  • Rail strikes will take place over four days next week, with more planned for January.

  • And new strikes announced on Monday will start on Christmas Eve and run until early on the 27th.

  • NHS workers are scheduled to walk out for four days in December.

  • Ambulance staff on the 21st and 28th and nurses on the 15th and 20th in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

  • Border Force staff became the latest to announce industrial action, with airports affected from the 23rd of December to the 26th, and then again from the 28th to the 31st.

  • And driving test examiners, security staff at Eurostar, and some civil servants will also go on strike this month.

  • Ali Fortescue reports.

  • It's hard to list the sectors, the range of workers walking out.

  • I couldn't do my job safely.

  • Hard, too, to hear stories like Katie's.

  • I'm definitely working more, I'm being more mindful of my spending to make ends meet for sure.

  • I have colleagues that are using food banks.

  • I have had colleagues, you know, tell their children that they don't think that Christmas is going to be a particularly great Christmas for them than this year.

  • I actually feel, in a way, fortunate that I don't have children that I have to say that to.

  • And it's not just nurses.

  • This was the Home Secretary's response today to the latest action called by Border Force.

  • We've got plans in place that will involve, to a degree, bringing in some of our military colleagues to help us in a variety of roles.

  • And we want to⏤I mean, ultimately, you know, I'm not willing to compromise on security at the border.

  • And as train workers prepare to strike, too, the PM has talked about tougher anti-strike laws to stop the whole country (from) grinding to a halt.

  • Could we see the government increasing the threshold for strikes?

  • Make sure that more notice needs to be given.

  • There's plenty of options for legislation; it's something that's been looked at for a long time.

  • Something that Boris Johnson and Liz Truss were looking at, but it will take months to work.

  • It won't keep trains moving and sectors working in the short term.

  • And any constructive tone between the government and the unions last week turned to confrontation this week.

  • Do you accept that, for a lot of people, you've become the face of winter disruption misery for a lot of people over Christmas?

  • Well, our message is, we're really sorry for the disruption; we don't want that to happen.

  • We don't want our members out on strike at Christmas time; we've got a bit of sabotage going on, and that's not good enough.

  • We want Mark Harper and the government to be a facilitator for a settlement rather than an obstacle to it, and that's got to change.

  • And what of labor? It's not clear they have an answer, either.

  • Labor aren't offering inflation-busting pay rises; Lisa Nandy said that would be unaffordable.

  • You're waiting for inflation to come down, like the conservatives, aren't you?

  • One of the reasons why nurses, NHS workers, people who work on our railways are taking industrial action is, of course, as you say,

  • because we've got the highest inflation in 40 years, the highest tax burden in 70 years, and energy bills going through the roofs.

  • The government could also be doing more to tackle the root of some of these problems.

  • - When do we want it? - Now!

  • The government has moved from negotiation to preparation for a winter of strike strain that will impact us all.

  • Ali Fortescue, Sky News, Westminster.

Walkouts by some Scottish teachers, which began yesterday, have continued today.

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