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  • No. That was misplaced a while ago.

  • Object 6-1-9-8-2. Department of Defense Archives.

  • Mmm-hmm. -What was it?

  • I don't know.

  • You don't know?

  • I don't know, which was why I was studying it.

  • What's your rank, Doctor?

  • Ryan, would you, uh, do the honors?

  • -Sure. Okay. -Thanks.

  • Civilian. STARLABS is a private contractor.

  • We work for the DoD.

  • We advise them on xeno-science.

  • "Xeno-science"?

  • Alien technology.

  • For example,

  • the Superman ship.

  • Eight people

  • never signed out of the lab last night, Doctor.

  • Cleaning staff, guards,

  • a few of your research scientists.

  • They were abducted.

  • Are you sure?

  • Witness saw it all. He escaped.

  • He's here in quarantine now, working on an ID sketch.

  • Any idea who or what that might be?

  • The box isn't safe here.

  • Victor,

  • they came looking for it at the lab.

  • People were taken by some kind of monster or something.

  • You know a lot about monsters,

  • don't you?

  • Especially how to make 'em.

  • -

No. That was misplaced a while ago.

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