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  • Hello, hello.

  • - Hi. - Lovely to meet you.

  • Can't believe you're here.

  • Where do you want me to sit?

  • Tuesday night, November 29th.

  • Come to laugh, come to feel loved, and learn (the) secrets of one of the most-loved Christmas movies of all time.

  • And just wait until you hear how the stars answer this question now.

  • Love actually is...?

  • And how did Hugh answer?

  • Argh. Dead.

  • Dead.

  • Now, more than ever, we all need some "Love Actually".

  • Do you remember when you saw it all the way through for the first time, and the first thing you thought?

  • I do; Hugh came up behind mewe were walking outand says, "Is that the most psychotic thing we've ever been in?"

  • Did I say that?

  • And the dance that almost didn't happen.

  • I think I saw it in the script and thought, "Well, I'll hate this act."

  • And now lives on today across Tiktok.

  • But I will give myself this credit.

  • (It's) My idea to have that secretary lady catch me.

  • Yeah. Um...

  • Tuesday night, November 29th, experience...

  • ... love and all its messiness and its unexpectedness, and that you'll find love in the weirdest places.

  • The secrets of "Love Actually" you don't know.

  • The love stories in the movie that came from real life.

  • "Love Actually" is not just positive love.

  • There was real legitimate heartache in that movie.

  • And the man behind all the love.

  • I do think the way to think about life is that every day has the potential just to be gorgeous.

  • And, 20 years after her Christmas show-stopping performance...

  • I was 10!

  • ... she's back, ready to relive it with...

  • You

  • It's time to feel the joy and feel the love, actually.

  • Love actually is all around.

  • All around.

  • Genius.

  • "The Laughter & Secrets of 'Love Actually': 20 Years Later – A Diane Sawyer Special"

  • Tuesday night, November 29th at 8/7 central on ABC, and stream on Hulu.

  • Hi, everyone, George Stephanopolous here.

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Hello, hello.

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