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Hello and welcome to Crouton Crackerjacks!
Today I'm going to show you how to make the classic club sandwich.
This double decker sandwich is out of this world.
These are the ingredients that you'll need...
so let's get started!
The first thing you're going to want to do is cook up some bacon.
I've got some pieces of thick cut bacon here.
And you're going to need 3 slices of bacon for each club sandwich.
And once your bacon is cooked the way that you like it, go ahead and remove it from your pan.
Set it off on some paper towels to drain completely. And that's really all the cooking
that you're going to need to do for this sandwich.
Next I'm going to take a tomato and I'm just going to cut the core out of this and get rid of it.
I'm going to slice this into kind of thin-ish slices,
uh, maybe just about a 1/4" or so. You don't want them too thick
because this is going to be quite a thick sandwich anyway.
Next I took 3 pieces of bread and I went ahead and toasted those off camera cuz
you don't need to be watching me toast bread.
And I'm going to take my bottom slice of bread here, or toast,
and I'm going to cover it with some mayonnaise there.
Now I do my club sandwiches a little bit different. Where I live, we order
them and get them a specific way and that's the way I like to make them.
So I'm going to start off with a layer of ham. And this is just regular smoked ham lunch meat.
I'm going to top that with some smoked turkey breast lunch meat.
And then a slice of mild cheddar cheese.
I'm going to take my second slice of bread.
Put a nice layer of mayonnaise on that.
And put it mayonnaise side down.
And again, take some more mayonnaise and smear that across that toast.
And now basically what you're going to do is make yourself a
B.L.T. right on top of that ham, turkey and cheddar sandwich.
So layer up your bacon there.
And then on top of that bacon, put yourself a nice piece of lettuce.
And then I'm going to put two slices of tomato right on top of that.
And again, smear some mayonnaise on
the bottom side of that top piece of toast.
And set it right up there on top.
Kind of press your sandwich down a little bit.
And then I'm going to take some of these frilly toothpicks. Because this sandwich is such a high stacked sandwich,
you're going to want something to keep these pieces together when you cut it. So,
I'm going to use the classic, what they use at all the restaurants around here.
Use the frilly toothpicks and put one on each side.
And then using a very sharp knife, I'm going to cut my sandwich right in half.
Turn it and then cut into quarters.
Now to serve this up, I'm going to do it just like they do it in the restaurants.
I've made up some french fries here. These are just
you know, frozen, store bought french fries that I made in the oven
and I seasoned those. I'm just going to put those onto my plate
and around the fries I'm going to arrange the four quarters of my club sandwich.
And there you go.
How to make a club sandwich the Crouton Crackerjacks way!
I hope you guys enjoy and thanks so much for watching!
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and we'll see you next time.
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How to Make Club Sandwiches - Club Sandwich Recipe

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Steven Chen published on September 22, 2014
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