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How to Make the Perfect Sandwich. If your growling stomach sounds like a caged animal,
you can satiate that ravenous beast without having to scrub a bunch of pots and pans afterwards.
You will need A crusty hoagie bun Sliced cheeses Sliced cold cuts Thinly sliced cucumber Thinly
sliced tomato Mayonnaise or sandwich dressing Romaine lettuce Sprouts Bacon An olive A frilly
toothpick Fresh herbs (optional) Salsa (optional) and guacamole (optional). Step 1. Slice the
bun lengthwise. Dig a trench through the center of both halves with your fingers. Step 2.
Fill the trenches with your choice of fresh meats and cheeses to form a protective moisture
barrier to the bread. Step 3. Add the cucumber and tomato slices to balance the salty bite
of the meat and cheese. Pack your ingredients separately and construct your sandwich on
site if you take your lunch to work or school. This preserves freshness and protects against
soggy bread. Step 4. Drizzle on the mayo or dressing of your choice. Be gentle – you
don't want to turn your sandwich into an oily mess. Flavor the mayo with fresh herbs, such
as basil or oregano, or use salsa or guacamole for a change of pace. Step 5. Top your sandwich
with romaine lettuce and sprouts for a refreshing crunch. Step 6. Add crumbled bacon for extra
flavor. Spear the olive with the toothpick and stick it through your sandwich to hold
it together. Step 7. Let the sandwich rest for 10 minutes at room temperature to let
the flavors meld together. Unless you can't wait – then dig in! Did you know New York's
famous Carnegie Deli opened in 1938.
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How to Make the Perfect Sandwich

2051 Folder Collection
Steven Chen published on September 22, 2014
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