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  • what the hell just happened.

  • This is insane.

  • nine months ago I flew all the way to the Bahamas using my own money to tell you the story of a crypto billionaire named Sam who wanted to donate all his money to charity.

  • He had this idea called turn to give which means you make money and become rich so you can help the world earn to give.

  • It's a good idea and I wanted to amplify it.

  • Not the crypto side of things, but the charity side of things earn to give, especially if you're a billionaire.

  • But nine months later, the craziest thing happened.

  • Sam's company F.

  • D.

  • X.

  • Went bankrupt and this was not a normal bankruptcy.

  • It was a fraud.

  • He tried to hide it but people discovered the truth.

  • Only last week customer funds are lost in the billions.

  • My friend's entire life savings are lost last week.

  • This is the biggest scandal in the history of crypto.

  • This is a shock to everyone.

  • The world's smartest investors gave him $2 billion celebrities were paid to endorse him.

  • He was on the cover of Fortune.

  • Forbes and Nas daily.

  • No one knew what he was hiding until today.

  • I feel sad for the customers and my friends.

  • I feel sad for the world of crypto.

  • I still believe in it and also I feel sad for the world of philanthropy.

  • Now twitter is full of people saying charity giving is a scam.

  • Be careful of philanthropic people.

  • Be careful of anyone that wants to donate his wealth.

  • This is affecting real charities out there.

  • Just hear it from joe.

  • My team spent months planning for a fundraiser to help fight health worker burnout.

  • And that's all in shambles right now.

  • I imagine that there are many charities that have been hurt by the situation and are having difficulties right now, focusing on their mission to serve those most vulnerable in their community.

  • People lost money, but also people lost trust in crypto in people in each other.

  • I am losing trust in people too.

  • And I shouldn't I shouldn't let one person's mistake destroy my trust in everything and everyone in 24 hours, I am going to delete the original video from nasty.

  • But I will not lose trust in the goodness of people, not from this.

  • And I hope you don't lose it.

what the hell just happened.

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