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  • tiger sharks are one of the largest predatory sharks on the planet.

  • They feed off an extensive menu.

  • Whales, Birds, even other sharks, but there's one delicacy that takes more effort than others.

  • Sea turtles.

  • So how much jaw power does it take to crunch through their tough shells here in the Bahamas brock and the team are about to find out facing up to the jaws of a tiger shark is strictly for pros, brock has spent almost two decades diving with these sharks.

  • He knows the best way to stay safe is to take things slow.

  • This first off, we're gonna go down, we're not gonna bring the bite force gauge.

  • We're just gonna see what tigers are here.

  • Come back up and we'll get some more backup support in terms of safety and we'll grab the bite force gauge.

  • What could go wrong.

  • This area is known as Tiger Beach and it quickly lives up to its name.

  • These tiger sharks are used to diver interactions.

  • They're not shy, brock will need to stand his ground.

  • There's two Tigers coming right on me right now.

  • The sharks know where the food is kept a little snack from a girl.

  • It doesn't take long for other sharks to sniff out a free meal and nobody is waiting in line.

  • They won't even let me get set.

  • Look at how big she is.

  • Got to beat the drum.

  • If ever a scene needed a don't try this at whole morning.

  • This is, it brock manages the situation by guiding the sharks away from the bait to help them settle and relax.

  • But it's not the easy trial run brock had hoped for do.

  • Tiger just arrived.

  • There's three targets on the ground right now.

  • The targets are not stopped out here, amount of targets, the more sharks, the more they compete for brock's attention.

  • four targets right here, Taga Taga Taga.

  • These tigers don't like to wait their turns.

  • A lot of the times, you'll get four coming in at once and you don't even have enough arms to keep them all off of you, brock has an underwater safety team at his side.

  • But with this many sharks around staying in control is still a tough job.

  • It's kind of got a crazy down here.

  • I think we should move by taking the food into a more open area.

  • There's more time to see where the sharks are approaching from and react.

  • All right guys, we gotta put a few targets out there feeding quite nicely.

  • I think we give the boat for a scared to go.

  • Alrighty.

  • Thank you.

tiger sharks are one of the largest predatory sharks on the planet.

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