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  • june Osborne, I thought you'd be taller, Moira has taken June two made a, what is this?

  • Everyone we've been able to get out.

  • This is incredible.

  • Don't be too impressed.

  • Here's who we've lost over the years.

  • I think June will never be able to stop asking for a better world.

  • The pain that she has felt and the pain that she has seen others go through, I don't think she can come back from that.

  • How am I supposed to keep my baby girl safe from here.

  • It is a very warm, happy set where people really enjoy doing their work.

  • I think that allows them to kind of be relaxed enough to do things that are horrible and you know, would be very traumatizing if you were with anybody except a very trusted group of colleagues.

  • Nick and june have been a central relationship since the beginning of the show, so good to hear your voice, You too Hannah safe to talk to her, but she's okay.

  • I'm sorry, I can't do more.

  • Nick has always been quite keen to orchestrate some kind of reunion between june and Hannah and help reinstate that family unit.

  • But at the same time, he's in love with june.

  • There will always be a part of her that loves Nick.

  • Whether or not they can be together.

  • I don't know if it's the best thing for either of them, you gotta keep yourself safe.

  • Keep Nicole safe.

  • Promise me, I promise I will.

  • In episode three, Serena is feeling like her status is now raised in Gilead, very positive feedback on the funeral broadcast.

  • She knows she can build on that.

  • That's her sort of ticket to securing her position and showing them that she has value.

  • A boy needs a strong father to guide him in this life, marrying for power, Serena doesn't doesn't always work out well.

  • It depends on the marriage in her mind.

  • The more public she is the less chance there is of june coming for her and her baby, we'd like you to lend your expertise as we expand the influence of our great nation.

  • She thought she was sitting pretty.

  • But by the end of the episode, they pulled the rug out from under her, will be acting as a global ambassador.

  • They send her back to the unknown in Toronto, where june is waiting, never touch my daughter again.

june Osborne, I thought you'd be taller, Moira has taken June two made a, what is this?

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