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  • Hi.

  • I'm Benjamin Evan Ainsworth.

  • I'm Luke Evans.

  • I'm Alan Silvestri.

  • Hi, I'm Glen Ballard.

  • And I play Pinocchio from the all-new

  • live-action movie, "Pinocchio."

  • Audiences are expected to see a fun,

  • exciting, thrilling journey from a young, little, wooden puppet

  • who manages to get himself into some of the most

  • awkward and difficult and dangerous

  • situations any wooden toy could ever get themselves into.

  • Well, they can expect to see the faithfulness

  • to the original 1940s movie, but they

  • can also expect some new characters maybe,

  • some new songs.

  • Some real Disney magic, and walk away

  • with a great sense of wonder.

  • Pinocchio gives out some really lovely morals and some,

  • you know, interesting things to take away.

  • And I'd say the world is an exciting place,

  • so as you travel through it, you should always

  • be kind and always be truthful.

  • My brilliant partner Alan Silvestri reimagined

  • "I've Got No Strings."

  • It was like a tour de force of filmmaking and, like,

  • technical and musical brilliance,

  • and it very much is like the original, but far more advanced.

  • I think the one I really love and I'm really been blown away

  • by the reimagining of it is the Blue Fairy,

  • played by Cynthia Erivo.

  • I think she's just perfect, and ethereal,

  • and angelic, and gorgeous.

  • And when she opens her mouth and sings that most iconic song

  • that we hear at the beginning of every Disney production,

  • it's just wonderful to think that her voice

  • is now the voice I will remember when I hear that song.

  • And I'm hoping audiences take a sense of having

  • gone to a magical place and to see that there is such a thing

  • as getting a second chance.

  • BENJAMIN EVAN AINSWORTH: Don't miss "Pinocchio,"

  • now streaming on Disney+.



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