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  • I have some friends that really know how to do their hair.

  • Well I'm not one of those people as you can see the struggle is real.

  • Hi everyone.

  • I'm candace and I'm gonna share my hair routine with you today basically how I get that Beachy swoop over.

  • I'm very low maintenance with my hair.

  • I think I don't have the patience to do it.

  • That's the actual truth.

  • What I used to wash my hair this morning is aloes glow system, shampoo and conditioner.

  • Thanks guys.

  • It has a really beautiful smell.

  • I'm really like psychotic about um how my shampoo and conditioner smells and it has a beautiful citrusy fresh cream smell and has left my hair pretty hydrated.

  • I mean what I'm not gonna lie, what I usually do is just let it air dry and um let my natural texture do its thing.

  • My hair is pretty straight naturally.

  • Sometimes I do like those little buns to give it more of a curl.

  • But today I am going to try and give you guys a look.

  • So let's do it.

  • I have got my little friend diet.

  • Okay, so it's 90% dry and have some little curly bits underneath here.

  • Thanks to my babies.

  • You also may be wondering why I blow dry my hair um upside down is because it gives the route a little bit more at least in my mind.

  • That's what happens.

  • I'm gonna go in with a specific brush just to smooth it all out This brush.

  • My dear friend Danielle made now that my hair looks decent.

  • I'm gonna go into this part to give that lift and the illusion that I really spend time on my hair.

  • So what that is is just using a round brush and drying it.

  • Um kind of up here I'm gonna section out and make sure you get the end curled correctly, otherwise it's gonna have a weird bend to it sweating, it's gonna look crazy.

  • Okay and let that cool so that the curl stays in a little bit longer guys, this is really amateur hour with me but bear with me it's gonna look okay the moment of truth and there she is.

  • This usually works better if you have more of a bang like I need to trim my bangs but um that's how I do, if if I feel like getting into it with my hair which is usually never, I should probably do this side as well spreading no point you're doing your hair in Miami because it will just fall straight down as soon as you walk outside, see that volume.

  • So that is the end of my tutorial, how I get the swoop and take care of my hair.

  • I'm not sure if you learned anything new styling wise with me today, but that's how I do my own hair when I don't have some hair angels doing it.

  • So I hope you guys enjoyed it.

I have some friends that really know how to do their hair.

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