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  • today.

  • I'm in Fujian, Fujian province in china.

  • Not a lot of people explore the city.

  • So let's figure out what you can even do here in food.

  • And at the moment I'm climbing here.

  • The first thing what I'm going to show you is a mountain where you have at least a good view on the city and from here you can at least see what you can do around the city area.

  • Another thing where you have to visit when you're in is West Lake and maybe it's not as famous as the West Lake in Hangzhou.

  • However, it's a very beautiful place to visit.

  • It's constructed 2250 years ago.

  • It's rank it um in China on the 8th place from 68 places in total as best westlake to visit in China.

  • And besides that it's not as big as the West Lake in Hangzhou which makes this place way more comfortable and way more compact and a better visit than the one in Hangzhou.

  • The other thing to do in futuro is to visit san Jose where we are now in the evening.

  • It's famous for one of the small alleys behind me.

  • It's the old city town.

  • In where there's well one of the famous thing apparently is a very old Starbucks which you can visit here.

  • I don't know why you want to visit the Starbucks but you can visit the old Starbucks and on the other side of non hoagy is the street where we have later some hopefully some delicious street food.

  • So opposite the street where we're just in a minute there's also a street with loads of street food and I will not bother you for any longer because we need to check this place out as fast as we can because I'm just very hungry and that's it for now in food.

  • So I'm not sure if I'm able to make any more videos out of a job because it isn't a very touristy city, but who knows what kind of content I can still make when we come back from our Chengdu trip, which is happening next weekend.

  • There will be a lot of things happening there.

  • So stay tuned for that type of content and it always hit that like button, smash the subscribe button and see you guys next time.


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