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  • Qatar are moneybags, but we're guessing you knew that already.

  • But what you may not know is that they're spending an estimated 220 billion dollars on hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

  • Pretty wild, right?

  • So, why have they spent this much money, and what did they spend it on?

  • Wellthat's why we have this video today.

  • So, sit back and enjoy as we bring to you the reasons why Qatar have spent 220 billion dollars on this year's World Cup

  • Number 1, They allegedly spent money to win the bid.

  • You see, ever since they won the bid to host the World Cup, there has been a lot of controversy

  • And the first major one had to do with the means through which they won that bidyep, that's right.

  • Because it turns out they already started spending even before they won the bid.

  • Still don't understand what we mean?

  • Uh, how do we say this? Uh... now, ok.

  • So, it's alleged that they didn't quite win the World Cup bid fairly.

  • There are many claims that they even bribed a lot of important people.

  • Yep, some of these people who have been alleged to have received bribes included footballing officials from various continents, and even officials of FIFA itself.

  • Of course, Qatar has repeatedly denied any knowledge of such acts.

  • But then, you don't expect them to publicly admit they have a bribedo you?

  • Well, guess we really can't blame them if they really gave those bribes.

  • After all, money really rules the world, and they wouldn't be the first to splash out the cash to get stuff done.

  • Number 2, They had to build new sporting infrastructure.

  • Preparing for the World Cup is always a big deal for any host country.

  • One big reason for this is that they'd usually have to upgrade existing sports facilities.

  • And, well, that's usually quite expensive.

  • But guess what? In the case of Qatargetting the sporting facilities ready was always gonna be a lot more expensive, and here's why we say so.

  • You see, virtually all countries that have hosted the World Cup are footballing countries.

  • So, those countries already have most of the needed facilities like stadiums.

  • But that was not the case in Qatar.

  • Yeah, that's right; not only are they a small nation, but they're also not what you would describe as a footballing nation.

  • So, they pretty much had to build 7 new stadiums for this tournament and upgraded 1 old stadium.

  • And, well, all these stadiums are currently some of the best in the world with amazing designs and technology

  • So, you shouldn't be so surprised to hear that they spent over 6 billion dollars in the building of these stadiums alone.

  • Yeah, 6 billion dollars.

  • But, as you'll soon find out, that amount is still almost nothing compared to the huge sums they had to spend on other projects.

  • Number 3, They had to build other non-sporting infrastructure.

  • Just as we mentioned earlier, Qatar has had to basically build their sporting infrastructure from scratch.

  • As a matter of fact, most of the money spent so far has been on these non-sporting facilities.  

  • Take, for example, the Doha metro.

  • This is the major railway transport system in the country's capital city.

  • And, well, it's also one of the fastest in the world

  • But it's not just the railway system they spent on.

  • They also built and developed a new international airportthe Hamad International Airport.

  • This one's sure to play a huge part in helping visitors come into the country

  • But they didn't stop there, though; they also built an entire city.

  • Okay, maybe not exactly, but what really happened was the transformation of the local town of Lusail from a village into a full-blown modern city.

  • Pretty impressive, right?

  • Well, yeah, they did that, and just as you'd imagine, they spent loads of money to get that done, too

  • But that's not all.

  • You see, Qatar is expecting over 1 million guests just for this World Cup.

  • And, just for some context, Qatar has a population fewer than 3 million people.

  • So, wellyou know what that means.

  • Whatever accommodation they had when they won the World Cup bid wouldn't have been enough for the expected guests.

  • So over the past few years, they have had to create new accommodations in the form of hotels and other forms of shelters.

  • And despite all the money they've spent so far, it appears these shelter facilities still won't be enough to cater for everybody visiting Qatar this November.

  • All the same, these facilities are sure to play important roles in this year's World Cup.

  • But, even more importantlythey're also a part of a bigger plan to turn Qatar into a modern industrial hub before 2030.

  • Number 4, They had to recruit a lot of workers.

  • You see, it's quite expensive to procure items to build facilities like stadiums, airports, and hotels, but that's not the cost involved.

  • Yeah, that's right, to build such massive structures, you'd have to employ various types of workers.

  • And, well, let's just say that Qatar had to employ a lot of themyep, like, a whole lot

  • As a matter of fact, they hired about 2 million workers, most of whom were migrants

  • And well, there have been very concrete claims that most of the workers were subjected to very terrible working conditions.

  • But that's not the point for now.

  • The point isemploying that number of workers was always gonna come at a great cost.

  • So, there you go, now you see why Qatar has spent so much on this World Cup.

  • But what do you think?

  • Do you think they overspent? Do you think they really gave those bribes?

  • So, go ahead and do tell us what you think about all of it in the comments section below.

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  • We hope to catch you later. Bye.

Qatar are moneybags, but we're guessing you knew that already.

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