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  • Hi, Ms. Li, please tell me a little bit about yourself.

  • Hi, My name is Ashley Li.

  • I've been working for the company for five years as a graphic designer.

  • I've been in charge of designing advertisements products, as well as book covers.

  • So, why do you want this job?

  • I feel as though I've accumulated a lot of experience in my field here and am ready to broaden my horizons.

  • I believe relocating to a different country will give me a new perspective design-wis.

  • Additionally, I believe I'm ready for a promotion 而且,我相信我已準備好晉升了

  • What do you think you can bring to the company?

  • I think my familiarity with the Asian market can help our US branch reach a broader clientele.

  • Not only that, I feel like I'll be able to act as a bridge between offices in the two countries

  • What are some of your greatest strengths?

  • I function very well under pressure and always strive for perfection.

  • I won't rest until everyone on the team, myself included, is happy with my work

  • I see.

  • What do you consider to be your weaknesses? 你認為你的弱點是什麼?

  • I can be a little stubborn at times.

  • I am not the best multitasker as I prefer focusing on one project at a time.

  • Tell me about your biggest accomplishment professionally.

  • Our company participated in a book fair last year.

  • Despite having only one month to prepare and being understaffed,

  • I was able to design all the flyers we needed as well as decorations for the venue, both of which received rave reviews.

  • Now, please talk about a challenge you've faced at work and how you dealt with it.

  • I've had times when I was in disagreement with the editorial team over the layout design of a new book

  • I was able to explain my stance while considering their opinions and came up with an alternate plan that everyone could get on board with

  • That sounds impressive.

  • What are you looking for in your new position? 你在新的工作職位中追尋的是什麼?

  • I hope to continue learning new things and honing my skills.

  • I also want this to be an opportunity to understand different working cultures

  • OK, well, that's about all the questions I have for now.

  • Do you have any questions for me?

  • I've thoroughly reviewed the job description and if I'm fortunate enough to get this position, what would be expected of me in my first year?

  • Obviously, we'd like for you to be able to successfully lead the department and be able to train employees.

  • However, details will be ironed out with the direct supervisor for this position.

  • I see.

  • Thank you for your time.

  • It was a pleasure meeting you.

Hi, Ms. Li, please tell me a little bit about yourself.

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