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Hey YouTubers, it’s Charlie and Fox. Just announced that the Deadpool Movie is back on.
That's right. They agree to look at the movie again a date, this right here, at this date, they have a director and they have an actor. What fine
actor have they chosen? You guessed it, Ryan Reynolds is still attached as is director
Tim Miller. The two were the ones originally working on the film back when Fox first put
it into development back in 2011.
Here are the Top 8 awesome things that we can all be excited about:
Number 8 - The leaked test footage is a better trailer than a real trailer ever could be.
And it came at the right time.
Deadpool is being released in the winter, but it’s a comic book movie. Awareness and
engagement for those types of movies peaks during the summer. Particularly around Comic
We can thank all the Hall H exclusives and big reveals studios hold for that weekend.
It just trains people to attach themselves to their computers and cell phones waiting
for updates.
Low and behold, some unofficial but very authentic seeming Deadpool test footage starts getting
passed around. Fox takes it down, guaranteeing it’s authenticity and heightening demand.
Over the comic con weekend the footage gets taken down and reuploaded several times and
Rhett Reese, the writer of the current Deadpool movie script launches a twitter campaign.
Retweet if you would buy a ticket to a deadpool movie.
Comic Book Creators like Bendis, Fraction and Rob Liefeld as well as other big celebrities
throw their support in via twitter and facebook.
And everything goes quiet near the end of August. Probably not though, because Fox executives
probably saw what was happening early on and decided to move forward. It just took this
long for them to announce the movie because contracts needed to be signed.
If you ever wonder why Marvel doesn’t announce stuff more often, it’s because actors, writers
and directors haven’t signed contracts yet.
Movie studios only make official announcements when everyone involved is legally bound to
complete the movie.
Number 7 - Even though the test footage was largely digital effects, the movie will mostly
be live action. There are a lot of ways digital effects can help a Deadpool story, mostly
talking severed heads, but the current movie culture is returning to the familiarity of
practical effects.
That means building things in real life instead of in the computer. You may have noticed JJ
Abrams trolling Zack Snyder with this Millenium Falcon reveal. Underneath you can see the
old Christopher Nolan tumbler attached in a very empire strikes back way.
Abrams, rather than build everything on a green screen chose to build most of the large
sets, aliens and vehicles. A very wise choice in my opinion.
Marvel still uses a lot of digital effects for their movies, but a lot of times the choice
of CG versus practical effects just comes down to budget and time.
We know the movie is scheduled for release February 2016 which gives them till next summer
to shoot the film. For quick turnover movies like Avengers and Deadpool they can get a
movie out within 8 months of shooting the actors.
Again, that window, also very dependent on Budget. Bigger Budgets means you can hire
more post production people to get your movie out faster.
Given Ryan Reynolds involvement and it being an X-Men Franchise movie I’d guess their
budget will be between 60 and 80 million dollars. Maybe more if FOX thinks it’s a guaranteed
Number 6 - The Director Tim Miller isn’t just the original director attached to the
project. He’s the guy at Blur Studios who leaked the test footage before comic con this
year. Arguably the first in a series of events that led Fox to pulling the movie out of mothballs.
Blur Studios are the people Fox hired back in 2011 to develop the project. They’re
primarily known as a visual effects studio.
Miller himself has been very lucky. Had the public response not been so great, FOX could
have sued him into oblivion for leaking the Deadpool footage. Fox is owned by Rupert Murdoch,
he’s every bit as litigious as Mr Burns on the Simpsons.
Clearly if he was willing to risk being thrown in a deep dark hole, he must really be passionate
about the movie, which is key and makes me optimistic that he’ll do a good job.
There’s a lot more involved in making a good movie than just the director. But he’s
the one guy everyone working on the movie goes to for answers. That’s why a lot of
movie directors get labeled as glorified traffic cops. That’s kind of pejorative though,
so if you know any directors in real life and you call them that, they’ll probably
punch you in the face. Number 5 - Ryan Reynolds is still attached
to star
He’s not currently under contract but still remains committed to the project. Shooting
dates and making him official just requires working out the schedule.
Right now Reynolds has two movies he’s committed to in addition to Deadpool, all three of them
are scheduled for release in 2016, which means next year, they’ll all be filming.
One of those movies is Croods 2, which will only require voice-over work and isn’t half
as demanding on his time as a live action movie with a lot of other actors on screen
at the same time.
So it’s totally possible for them to shoot the movie with him. If they ran into big problems,
what they might do is shoot any footage of him without the mask on if they needed to.
And then for the remainder of the film. Just use a body double and have him provide the
dialogue when his schedule permitted.
It’s a lot easier to shoot a movie if you don’t actually need your a-list actor on
set all the time.
And because Wade Wilson pretty much wears the mask full time, if they wanted. I feel
like the fandom wouldn’t care if he never took the mask off completely.
Fox’s renewed interest in the project probably has a lot to do with Reynolds. So the chances
this movie goes into production increase exponentially the minute they get him under contract.
Number 4 - They already have a finished script from the original writer Rhett Reese
No word on whether this is the script that they’ll shoot with or if they’ll try to
re-write it. But the mere fact they have a finished script is a huge bonus and add to
that, the test footage everyone saw. Was based on parts of Reese’s Script. So if you liked
the way the test footage played, you’ll probably enjoy the rest of that story.
The rest of it is said to include a ton of equally crazy action sequences. And yes, it
was written as a very hard R movie. Mostly for violence and gore. But also lots of foul
mouthed wisecracking.
Number 3 - The Script also features Several Mutants from the X-Men Universe
Just to name a few there’s, Wyre, Ajax, Sluggo, Garrison Kane and Daniel Cudmore’s
Colossus. And Deadpool specific characters like Vanessa Carlysle and Blind AI. Supposedly
there’s more but I haven’t seen the script so this is all just based on names that have
been released.
Fox of course owns X-Men, so using mutants is easy. I like the implication that Deadpool
will get to mow down some superheroes and supervillains. The character is a mercenary
at his core, so as long as a hit shows up on someone it doesn’t matter if they’re
good or bad.
No word on who the presumed Big Bad would be but there’s Sabretooth, Taskmaster, Venom
and Bullseye and a bunch more. Deadpool has had a beef with at least 50 characters and
not all of them were villains .
A lot of the characters are owned by other studios. So Fox might bend canon a little
and use some other notable big bad from inside the X-Men Franchise.
Or it will be some crazy mind-fuck and deadpool will end up ordering a hit on himself.
I don’t think Fox would let the story get that crazy. That would feel more like an episode
of Doctor Who.
Number 2 - The Official Synopsis For The Character
Huge Man, armed to the teeth with twin Katanas and Set Matching Desert Eagle Pistols. His
Sarcastic Wit and ever-running mouth are nearly as deadly as his fighting prowess.
Has a tendency to break the 4th wall and talk to the audience. Boyishly handsome in his
youth but is presently extremely disfigured with scars over face and body.
Let’s be honest, Wolverine is the most popular character Fox owns, but Deadpool just from
reading that, is the most fun. And you guys will like this last one.
The Number 1 awesome thing about the Deadpool Movie is that because it can exist in the
canon of the X-Men films. Deadpool will know that he was a character in a movie and can
make jokes about said movie.
I think we can all admit that Wolverine Origins was a little silly with all the screaming
at the sky and the one-liners. But imagine deadpool spending half a movie making fun
of it and making fun of himself in the movie.
His ability to break the fourth wall can at times be both amazing and incredibly confusing.
Which is part of why it’s so much fun.
So big question for you guys, do you think Deadpool should be able to make jokes about
Wolverine Origins in the movie and who do you want the villain to be?
In related news, I’m working on a Constantine and Game of Thrones video for later today.
Be sure to subscribe to join the team. I’m doing episode videos for all the comic book
shows this year and it’s going to be amazing. I’ve seen all the new shows and yes, some
are better than others, but they’re all a lot of fun.
Right now click here to get that constantine video, i’ll add the annotation as soon as
I post it and click here to learn about Agents Of SHIELD Season 2 which starts next week.
Thanks for watching, we’ll all reconvene later today for Constantine whatnot. High
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Deadpool Movie Confirmed - Top 8 Awesome Things

3420 Folder Collection
mix198933 published on September 21, 2014
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