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  • Thankfully entering Japan has recently become much easier again.

  • However, there are still certain things you should prepare before entering the country in order to make your future visits as smooth as possible.

  • Here is a quick video on how to enter Japan after one November 2022 required documents.

  • All you need to enter Japan is either a negative test or a vaccination certificate showing you have received at least three vaccine doses as triple vaccinated people are exempt from testing.

  • The test needs to be done within 72 hours before departure at a medical institution.

  • Note that Japan recognizes only certain testing and sample collection methods.

  • Qualitative anti dentists are not accepted.

  • It is recommended to use a template form by the government to make sure all required information is included such as personal information testing and sample collection methods.

  • The name of the medical institution and the date and time of the test.

  • Check the link in the description of this video for the recommended format.

  • If you have received three vaccine doses or more with a W.

  • H.

  • O.

  • Approved vaccine and have a vaccination certificate.

  • The test is not required to enter Japan.

  • The certificate needs to include personal information and vaccination details in english or japanese.

  • This test exemption also applies for Children traveling with a triple vaccinated parent or guardian.

  • Fast track entry to make the entering process into Japan faster and smoother.

  • It is recommended to use the visit Japan web website to preregister required documents and data related to the coronavirus immigration and customs.

  • Here is a quick guide on how to use the service.

  • First create an account, enter some personal data and register details about your trip If you are traveling with family members who cannot register themselves such as young Children.

  • Register each one of them enter coronavirus related information.

  • To successfully complete this process, you will need to complete a questionnaire.

  • Upload a photo of your passport, Upload a picture of either your vaccination certificate that certifies you have received at least three vaccination doses or of your negative covid 19 test results.

  • After the submitted information is reviewed and verified, the status bar will turn from red to blue if the status bar turns yellow, the review process has not been completed yet or cannot be completed.

  • Visit Japan web furthermore allows you to digitally fill out your disembarkation form for immigration and your customs declaration form for customs optionally, you can fill in travel insurance details which could be helpful for hospitals and doctors in case of illness or injury during your stay after landing in Japan show the Q.

  • R.

  • Codes found in your visit Japan web account to the quarantine officer, immigration officer and customs officer for a smoother and faster entry in the country.

  • For more information regarding the service, make sure to check the links in the description below.

  • Finally, a word on masks, mask wearing has never been legally enforced in Japan.

  • However, masks are still being used widely in indoor and outdoor situations to this day.

  • The government's official mask guidelines state that masks are not required outdoors unless talking with others in close distance as well as not required indoors.

  • When social distancing and not much conversation is made, they should be worn in all other indoor situations on public transportation and in places that ask people to wear them.

  • However, in reality people in Japan go beyond the experts guidelines and most will wear masks in all indoor situations and many wear them even in uncrowded outdoor places.

  • For more information on coronavirus manners in Japan, feel free to check the link in the description for our dedicated page on the subject.

Thankfully entering Japan has recently become much easier again.

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