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  • What do you know about introverts?

  • For those of you who are more extroverted, the quiet nature and Aloofness of introverts may seem very mysterious and even intimidating sometimes.

  • So to learn more about what's really going on in their minds, here are five harsh things Introverts want you to know.

  • Number one, we dislike small talk.

  • Do you enjoy engaging in casual conversations?

  • While it may be something that comes naturally for you, small talk can often feel tiring and draining for us.

  • For this reason, introverts may sometimes zone out, disengage or avoid small talk altogether when it comes to it.

  • Instead, you may find us choosing to engage in deep conversation with one or two people.

  • Number two, we like writing more than speaking.

  • Have you noticed your introverted friend getting flustered during an unexpected phone call or speaking like they're at a loss for words?

  • Us introverts tend to work through things by contemplating about them on our own without interruptions.

  • Because of this, we find it very uncomfortable, stressful and even exhausting when we're put in a situation where we need to quickly and clearly articulate and express exactly what we're thinking and feeling

  • Number three, we value time alone to get things done.

  • What do introverts do on their own if they're not socializing?

  • Despite what you may believe, introverts are actually bursting with ideas and projects that they want to explore.

  • It's just that we like to explore them when in a quiet and safe space away from others.

  • This is why we value our time alone so much and while having others intrude in that space can really derail our ideas, train of thought and put us in a bad mood.

  • Number four, we are selective about our friends.

  • Does it seem like we don't care about anyone?

  • Despite our aloofness, introverts can care very deeply.

  • While we do appreciate social connections, we tend to be most comfortable and affectionate with our closest friends.

  • Instead of forming shallow connections, we're much more interested in building deep connections with those whom we feel safe around.

  • After all, it takes time for us to open up and blossom around the right people so don't feel offended if we seem very guarded at first.

  • And number five, we don't need fixing.

  • Ever tried to help an introvert only to be rebuffed?

  • Perhaps you tried to offer tips to be more outgoing, invite them to a lot of social events or encourage them to speak up.

  • While you may be doing it with good intentions, introverts do not need fixing.

  • Like with everyone else, we just want to be who we are without being judged for it.

  • Ultimately, we enjoy having a few but very close friends and just want to thrive in our own space and to live life on our own terms.

  • Did you relate to any of these points?

  • Let us know in the comments below.

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What do you know about introverts?

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