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  • are you packed?

  • I am so excited.

  • Why is that?

  • Well, Disney Plus Day is here.

  • I love Disney Plus Day.

  • Yes, it's awesome.

  • What's Disney Plus Day should help chris it's when thor Love and Thunder premieres on Disney Plus another classic for adventure exciting.

  • As well as new movies series from Disney, Pixar marvel Star Wars and nat geo.

  • That's right.

  • Nothing beats Disney Plus Day.

  • Well, it sounds amazing.

  • It really does.

  • I mean it's not true, but it's pretty great.

  • Anyway, What do you mean?

  • It's not true.

  • Nothing beats Disney Plus day.

  • I mean, thor could easily beat it.

  • Um hmm, thor Stormbreaker had jane is the strongest Avenger summon lightning basically.

  • Unbeatable.

  • But I guess they can say nothing beats Disney Plus Day.

  • If they don't mind false advertising and all that, we can agree to disagree, disagree.

  • Let's kick off Disney Plus Day right now.

  • Nothing beats Disney plus date right now, definitely.

  • Nothing beats it.

  • Well, right.

  • Yeah, except thought flick.

are you packed?

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