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-All right, all right, all right! Let's play some Monopoly!
-I wish Orange would hurry up and get here.
I wonder what the holdup is.
-Hey-hey, guys. I'm new to town. My name is Rump Roast.
-Uh-oh. -Oh, no.
Orange is really gonna have fun with this guy.
-Dude, you should really get out of here
before our buddy Orange shows up.
-Why? I'd love to meet him. Oh, we playin' Monopoly?
Oh, I love Monopoly. [Orange babbling in distance]
-There's no time! Leave, you fool! Oh, no!!
-Hey, guys! Sorry I'm late.
I had to boardwalk it. [laughs]
-Hey, friend. Nice to meet ya. I'm Rump Roast.
-[gasps in awe]
-Is something wrong? Friend?
-I think the hilarity of your name
might have just fried his brain.
So, you guys mind if I roll first?
[dice rattle]
-[stifled giggle]
-Aw, what the hey. I'm gonna buy your hotel.
-[audible giggle]
-Orange, you with us now?
-Hey, buddy. How ya feelin'?
-[laughs boisterously] RUMP ROAST!
-Yep. That's my name.
-And it's a name I can really get "behind." [laughs]
Sorry. It's just really nice to "meat" you.
[laughs] Butt puns.
-Yeah... I, uh, can see why you guys wanted me to leave.
-Well, it's too late now. We're 30 minutes into the game.
-Yeah, don't leave. That would really "bum" me out.
[laughs] -You knows,
making fun of someone's name isn't very polite.
-Yeah. Nobody likes being the butt of a joke.
-Thank you. I apprec-- -[laughs]
Butt, butt, butt, butt, butt... -Hey!
-Butt, butt, butt, butt, butt, butt, butt...
-Orange! Knock it off! -BUTT, BUTT, BUTT, BUTT, BUTT...
-Stop saying "butt!" -Okay. I'm finished now.
-Good. -Yep.
I've finally hit the "tail" end. [laughs]
-[growls] -Orange, you're being rude!
-Rude? Uh-uh.
Just a little "cheeky." [laughs]
-Hey, you know what? You should try gettin' some manners.
-Good idea! I'll "twerk" on it. [laughs]
-[growls] -(Midget Apple) Hey!
Let's just shut up and play the game!
-Ooh! Monopoly? I wanna play Monopoly!
I get to be the car! -You can't have the car.
I'M the car!
-Well, that explains all the junk in the trunk. [laughs]
-[growls deeply] -Fine.
Then I'll just be the "booty." [laughs]
-Orange, if you're gonna play with us,
you're gonna have to stop making fun of his name.
-[grumbles] Okay.
-You're sure you can keep a lid on the jokes?
-I'm not certain, but I've got a "hunch." [laughs]
Okay, okay. That was the last one, I promise.
-Yeah. I'll believe it when I see it.
[dice rattle] -Whoa, snippety-snap!
Now I've got Boardwalk AND Park Place.
Anything to say about that, Orange?
-See? This is nice. Pear, your turn.
[dice rattle] -Michigan Avenue.
[chuckles] I bet the puns are already
piling up in your brain, aren't they?
-Ha. Too bad. [chuckles] My turn.
-Okay. I need to say something.
-You can't, dude. That's the deal. No butting in.
-Watch your phrasing. -Oh, come on!
-If you want to play, you can't talk.
-[groans] -[rolls dice] Uh-oh.
Looks like I'm almost out of money.
I'm in danger of falling-- -BEHIND!
-We gave you a chance, but you couldn't take it.
Har, har, har. My name has "rump" in it.
We get it, Orange! We get it!!
-No! Behind!! -Huh?
[screams] -Whoa!
-Oh, no! -Right in my eye!
Oh, the pain! -Bu-mmer, dude.
[laughs uneasily]
-[disappointed]: Aw. I'll miss him.
He was a nice guy.
-Yeah. He was grade-A.
-So...should we finish the game? -Yes.
It'd be nice to actually finish a game of Monopoly for once
instead of just waiting for someone
to flip the board over in anger.
Besides, for once, I'm actually winning.
-Oh, you guys are playin' Monopoly...
WITHOUT TELLING ME? -(male voice) Ow! My leg!
-You jerks!
-[growls in frustration] Thanks a lot, butt-head!
-[laughing]: Butt.
[wet fart]
[laughs] Knife!
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Annoying Orange - Rump Roast

9984 Folder Collection
白日夢 published on September 20, 2014
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