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  • ARUKA Why do you want to hunt?

  • NARU Because you all think that I can't.

  • NARU I saw a sign in the sky.

  • NARU I'm ready.

  • [Speaking native language]

  • [Dog whining]

  • [Dog barking]

  • ♪♪

  • [Bear growling]

  • [Naru grunting]

  • [Predator clicking]

  • [Predator growling]

  • NARU There's something out there.

  • I'm coming with you.

  • TAABE You can't.

  • NARU I'm trying to protect you.

  • TAABE Protect me from what?

  • CHIEF KEHETU It's time.

  • [Cheering]

  • [Predator clicking]

  • [Naru yells]

  • [Shushing]

  • ♪♪

  • NARU It knows how to hunt.

  • NARU But I know how to survive.

  • [Predator clicking]

  • [Screaming]

  • NARU Whatever did this,

  • NARU I can kill it.

  • [Screaming]

  • [Predator growling]

  • [Predator clicking]

ARUKA Why do you want to hunt?

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