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  • He hasn't been my father...

  • since a sunny day in 1993,

  • when he told me he had a new family.

  • Good. Just in time for the will reading.

  • Someone's invited dad's other kids.

  • If they even show up here,

  • they are greedy gold diggers.

  • Flair and Glory is the culmination of everything I have worked for.

  • It's time to entrust it to the safekeeping of the next generation.

  • I leave all my shares

  • to Nina and Simon.

  • What?

  • You bitch!

  • Say it again.

  • Flair and Glory is ours.

  • And she don't get to put

  • her foot under the table.

  • Are you sure you want to stay here?

  • We have work to do.

  • You not gonna have me working in these streets.

  • Your father left it to you for a reason.

  • They'll destroy that business.

  • You really think someone hurt him.

  • Things will get real ugly.

  • You're right about that.

  • If they want my company,

  • they'll have to fight me for it.

  • Looking down your nose thinking you're better than everyone.

  • Not everyone.

  • That part.

  • Let me be clear,

  • I'm the boss,

  • and I decide what's Flair and Glory.

He hasn't been my father...

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