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  • so Elon musk has actually bought twitter yesterday and I believe this is a much bigger importance than what a lot of people might think now.

  • The reason why this matters, even to me personally is because I feel like in the past year especially we've seen a huge shift in what morality and freedom of speech means to a lot of people.

  • Um a lot of companies and websites have basically taken the stance that whatever the radical left says is the morally correct thing and anybody who dares to have a different opinion should be canceled the platform and basically censored of the internet.

  • Um that is also, you know, the cause of that is also the fact that this group of people um is very loud and of course very passionate and they're really just willing to scream their lungs out at these companies to promote whatever they currently feel like is morally justifiable.

  • That was also the case with twitter obviously mostly with twitter actually where a lot of times the mere expression of a different opinion than that of the woke left whatever, even if he had a slightly different opinion that was automatically classified as hate speech as bullying, it was deemed as harmful to the online community, I guess even even if there weren't any insults included in the statements, you know, as soon as somebody said that there are only two genders or as soon as somebody refused to use Z xem pronouns, you know, they got in trouble.

  • Um now Elon musk's acquisition of twitter will hopefully change that for the better and when I say better, I don't I don't mean the opposite.

  • Okay, I don't think that from now on the woke left people um should be deep platforms or band because for me personally, even though there's a lot of things I don't agree with both on the radical left and on the radical right, obviously I think everybody should have a voice, you know, because if everybody doesn't have a voice, there's no conversation and if there's no conversation then there's only division and I think whether your social justice warrior or a red pill, I think as long as you don't literally encourage violence, you shouldn't be able to say whatever you, whatever you feel, whatever you think, whatever your opinion is, um no matter whose feelings gets hurt.

  • Um yeah, and yeah, so since Elon musk, he said that he said that he's firing up to 75% of twitter employees, which a lot of them straight up called themselves, woke okay, and probably have caused the ban of many entertainers, public speakers, political figures that they just didn't agree with because they weren't on the left.

  • Uh so yeah, I think, I think we're on the path towards a brighter future where people on twitter and perhaps on the entire internet won't have to be afraid of expressing a different opinion than what's currently the presumably moral uh support morally supported narrative.

  • I guess women in the entertainment business won't have to be afraid of expressing their opinion on what they think.

  • A woman is.

  • A woman should not be afraid of saying what she thinks a woman is now.

  • I know this is not a I'm kind of I started to ramble a little bit, but yeah, I think I know that this is not the usual kind of video that I make.

  • I have just a couple Rafaela sophy videos on this channel.

  • But I was really thinking of starting this, like starting this off as a new series on my channel.

  • So let me know your thoughts in the comments down below.

  • And yeah, follow me everywhere and I'll see you guys next time.

  • Thanks for listening.

so Elon musk has actually bought twitter yesterday and I believe this is a much bigger importance than what a lot of people might think now.

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