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  • Just as weve seen with Capcom Digital Collection or Qubed - compilations of several XBLA offerings

  • on one disc - it can be an effective way to get products that youve already developed

  • on the shelves to get more attention. So Konami jammed together three of their own offerings

  • in an appeal to the days of physical media: Frogger, Super Contra, and Castlevania: Symphony

  • of the Night. All three received remakes from their original versions, courtesy of Digital

  • Eclipse - who you may remember from the Capcom Classics series I recently churned my way

  • through. Visual upgrades abound - though byupgrades,” they usually meansmoothing

  • effects and maybe some more impressive explosions.” Frogger, the oldest of the three games, offers

  • only the new-style visuals and audio instead of having an option for the original.

  • Yep, it’s still Frogger. Super Contra at least gives you the option, but - as I mentioned

  • in my review of the game proper - is based on the original arcade version rather than

  • the more familiar Super C for the NES. As was typical of the era, there are lots of

  • differences, and it can be tough to approach, even if you were fairly adept at the home

  • version. Granted, “Adept at the home versionas it applies to Contra games usually means

  • Capable of punching in Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A” at intervals,

  • a capacity which - to my research - isn’t available in this arcade version. Some sites

  • have this cheat listed, but I was unable to get it to work. So you go through with limited

  • lives and limited continues, and unless youve memorized enemy locations, youre gonna

  • have significant difficulty getting anywhere. But hey, at least there’s weird blurry effects

  • any time you blow up a hostile. That’s gotta count for something!

  • Rather lackluster versions of Super Contra and Frogger aside, Castlevania: Symphony of

  • the Night is the real star of this show. Being the most recent of the offerings, it didn’t

  • need as much in the way of a tune-up, though the vocal performance is just as laughable

  • as it’s always been. (I haven’t heard the PSP version, though, so I’ll leave that

  • out of my judgment.) Castlevania’s usually 10 bucks, and you can get this compilation

  • disc for at most fifteen or maybe cheaper, meaning youre basically getting Super Contra

  • and Frogger at a discount. And, hey, achievements are achievements. And youll have Symphony

  • of the Night on physical media, as opposed to potentially losing your hard drive to sunspots

  • or roving bands of maladjusted IT staff wielding panel-beating mallets. You can never be too

  • careful, after all.

Just as weve seen with Capcom Digital Collection or Qubed - compilations of several XBLA offerings

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CGR Undertow - KONAMI CLASSICS VOL. 1 review for Xbox 360

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