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  • I spoke to the nursery. No one saw him.

  • His PA said he was in and out of the office in about three minutes.

  • Because he had the kid in the car.

  • Looks like it.

  • I can’t be doing with this. The amount of paperwork I’ve got

  • You know whatll happen.

  • Well spend the day, running around in circles and then come six o’clock hell roll on in. Been at the zoo.

  • I wonder if she might be right to be worried.

  • Because...

  • It's a feeling.

  • Right, well, that’s some really forensic analysis there, Scooby-Doo.

  • I’m going to see if I can get a bit more out of her.

  • Well, she can drink her tea and then were sending her home.

  • Nikesh!

  • Ms. Phelps, we’d like to build a clearer picture of your husband’s state of mind, in order to establish whether there is any cause for concern here.

  • Alright.

  • You said that last night Jamie sent some emails.

  • Do you know who they might have been to?

  • No. I mean, I presume work contacts.

  • Does he have a separate computer for work?

  • No. He has a laptop which he syncs with his office computer. He uses it for everything.

  • And do you know the whereabouts of the laptop?

  • No. With Jamie, presumably.

  • Did Jamie take any calls or send any emails this morning?

  • No. Oh, actually, ok, yes.

  • His phone did ping a couple of timesemails.

  • He looked at it quickly butwe were all having breakfast, so...

  • You know, he didn’t…

  • Look. It's from my friend Miriam.

  • Who do you know out that way? Any family? Friends? Or clients?

  • Loads of people I guess. But why would he

  • Lucy, you were about say something about Jamie this morning.

  • What didn’t he do?

  • He didn’t. It’s silly, but he didn’t kiss my hand this morning.

  • He does this thing where he kisses my hand in the morning before he goes to work. Pip does it too.

  • It’s just that

  • But he didn't do it this morning?

  • No. He didn't.

  • Ms. Phelps, what were Jamie and Pip wearing this morning?

  • Jamie was wearing a suit, a black suit with an open collar.

  • And... Pip was wearing green cord dungarees with a yellow long-sleeved t-shirt. And a navy hooded jacket on.

  • He'd have had Mr. Pom Pom, his toy elephant.

  • Sorry, I’ll put this on silent

I spoke to the nursery. No one saw him.

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