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  • Hi! It's Ashley, right?

  • Yes, hi, Matt.

  • How has your first month in the company been?

  • It's going pretty well.

  • I love the work and the environment.

  • That's good to hear.

  • How about the people?

  • The people on my team are great. They've been nothing but helpful.

  • I'm glad to hear that.

  • So... what brings you to this bar?

  • I'm actually here with my team.

  • We're just having a small team-building session.

  • Well, I think alcohol and socializing go hand in hand.

  • There's no better way to get to know someone than over a few drinks.

  • I couldn't agree more.

  • How about you?

  • Oh, I just wanted to grab a beer before I head home.

  • I've had a long day at work.

  • That's too bad.

  • Why has work been difficult today?

  • A few deadlines got moved forward, so I had to rush through a few things.

  • Oh, no!

  • Do you need any help?

  • Oh, thank you, but that's OK.

  • I managed to get all my work done.

  • Are you sure?

  • I'd be happy to help.

  • I know a thing or two about graphic design.

  • Thanks. I'll remember that for next time.

  • Please do.

  • Anyway, I should probably get back to my party.

  • Would you like to join us?

  • Nah. I think I'll head home and hit the hay.

  • Raincheck?

  • Definitely.

  • We'll have to hang out soon.

  • You bet 當然

Hi! It's Ashley, right?

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