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  • Shmups love arcades, and arcades love shmups. Theyre the optimal arcade games: Brutally

  • difficult, a spectacle to watch, and invite rote memorization by repetition, thus bringing

  • in quarter after quarter after quarter. So when I put my hands on the PlayChoice, I knew

  • that it would need shmups. And while Captain Skyhawk isn’t bad, and 1942 is well-regarded...

  • I wanted Gradius. The Konami classic, now available in my living room, instead of making

  • me play through to the game center in Legend of the Mystical Ninja. I needed the Vic Viper,

  • blasting crap apart, picking up those weird Red Lantern power-ups and... slaloming through

  • a field of spectral Moai heads. Because why the hell not.

  • That’s right, Gradius. Your goal is simple: Fly to the right, and blow things up, using

  • an array of weapons including missiles, lasers, and split-shots that give you some coverage

  • of the top wall. Also featured are the oddly-named options, red balls of energy that trail your

  • ship and double or triple your firing output. You enable these various weapons systems by

  • collecting the aforementioned red things, each of which increases the cursor on the

  • power gauge at the bottom of the screen. At any time, you cancash outyour power-ups

  • by hitting the B button, yielding the selected upgrade and resetting your gauge. Youre

  • probably gonna need a couple speed boosts, two options, and, ooh, the shield at the very

  • end under the question mark. But all that’s going to take a load of bread to capitalize,

  • so go out there and shoot all the hostiles! ALL OF THEM. And that’s not even counting

  • the random volcanoes of destruction. Yes, even geographical features want to kill you.

  • It’s a shmup, what did you expect?

  • Of course, you could just cheat. And while you might know it better as the Contra code,

  • it in fact got its start right here in Gradius: Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A.

  • BAM. Fully loaded and ready to rock. And when you say ROCK in Gradius, youre talking

  • about Moai heads. Inexplicable Moai heads. No, I can’t really explain it either. But

  • now theyre in my PC-10, singing doo-wop. And I’m going to have to pilot a spacecraft

  • around them for the foreseeable future, because don’t think I’m not gonna be playing the

  • paint off of this one. Not if I’m going to get the knack for knocking down the Big

  • Core bosses inside five seconds to hit the warp. I’d played this game plenty back in

  • the day, but nothing compares to feeling it on a genuine joystick, with all the clicking

  • of switches it truly deserves. Sure, this is just a port of the NES version and not

  • the full-fledged arcade original, but that’s a cabinet and a project for another time.

Shmups love arcades, and arcades love shmups. Theyre the optimal arcade games: Brutally

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CGRundertow GRADIUS for Nintendo PlayChoice-10 Video Game Review

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    阿多賓 posted on 2013/04/10
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