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  • You asked me why I'm doing all this.

  • But even if I told you why...

  • ... I doubt very strongly that the knowledge would change anything at all.

  • But let's say that I take the time to explain it to you.

  • What do you think would happen then?

  • I have nothing to say to you.

  • My goal is to fulfill the dream even Jiraiya sensei was unable to achieve.

  • As I said earlier...

  • ... what I want is to create peace and bring about justice.

  • Create peace? Justice?

  • Are you kidding?

  • Give me a break!

  • You killed my master...

  • ... and my sensei!

  • Hurt my friends...

  • ... destroyed my village!

  • After all of the horrible things that you've done...

  • ... don't you dare talk about peace and justice!

  • Then tell me, what is your goal?

  • First, I'm gonna kill you!

  • And then, I'm gonna bring peace to the ninja world!

  • Oh, I see; that is noble of you.

  • That would be justice.

  • However...

  • ... what about my family?

  • My friends?

  • My village?

  • They suffered the same fate as this village at the hands of you Hidden Leaf ninja.

  • How is it fair to let only you people preach about peace and justice?

  • What the hell are you talking about?

  • Once, the Land of Fire and the Hidden Leaf had grown too big.

  • To protect their national interest, they forced feudal clans to wage war against each other and profited from it.

  • Otherwise, the people of the villages would've starved.

  • As it happened, our little nation and it's villages became the battlefield where the great nations waged their war.

  • Each time they did, our nation was ravaged and laid to waste.

  • After many such battles, the great nation stabilized.

  • But our smaller nations suffered, and it barely recovered.

  • You and I are both seeking the very same thing.

  • We both want to achieve the peace that Jiraiya sensei envisioned.

  • You and I are the same.

  • We're both motivated by our desire for peace and justice.

  • The justice that I have delivered against the Leaf village is no different from what you are trying to do to me.

  • Everyone feels the same pain when losing something dear.

  • You and I have both experienced that pain.

  • You strive for your justice, and I strive for mine.

  • We're both just ordinary men who've been driven to seek vengeance in the name of justice.

  • And if one comes to call vengeance "justice", such "justice" will only breed further vengeance and trigger a vicious cycle of hatred.

  • Right now, we live in such a cycle.

  • I know the past and can foretell our future.

  • It is the same as our history.

  • So, we believe that human beings simply cannot understand each other, and they never will.

  • The Shinobi world of ours is ruled by hatred and hatred alone.

  • However...

  • ... even I'm able to see that there's entirely too much hate in this Shinobi world of ours.

  • There's too much hate?

  • Ah, I've always wanted to do something about all of this hatred.

  • I'm just not quite sure how to go about it as of yet.

  • But I truly believe that eventually, the day will come when all people will understand one another and live in harmony.

  • Boy, it sounds kind of complicated to me.

  • And if I can't find the solution to this problem, then perhaps I'll entrust you to find it instead, eh, Naruto?

  • Yes, sir!

  • I can't turn down a request from my master, can I, Pervy Sage?

  • So, Naruto, how would you confront this hatred in order to create peace?

You asked me why I'm doing all this.

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Pain's Cycle of Hatred (English Dub)

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