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  • Hello, nice to meet you

  • What does IOEA do?

  • IOEA is International Otaku Expo Association

  • It's like the united nation of all the Otakus around the world

  • We are now in nearly 50 countries with 150 events

  • In Africa, in South America, many places

  • Many

  • There are many "unique"people here. Could you introduce them to me?

  • Of course people at the site in other countries help out, but we also have foreign people living here who helps as well

  • They help in the booths or sometimes with the communication with abroad

  • We have Marina and Maria right here

  • This is the most famous Japanese guy in Middle East

  • Very nice. Are you always like this?

  • Your daily clothes? -yes

  • People watch Anime on YouTube and other places which leads to newer fans

  • From this year, many of our members went to various events

  • Japan Expo and Anime Expo was not held for 2 years

  • If it comes back, it will be the biggest crowd ever

  • For me it's been 2 years as well

  • There are people eager to go, but also new people who got into Anime and decided to join

  • For Europe and Asia, the events which restarted are attracting a lot of people

  • People thought it was normal than imagined -but it's nice people are coming back

  • Now on Netflix you can pretty much see Anime in other countries at the same time as Japan

  • Before there was a time lag nearly half a year

  • For Attack on Titans, the cosplayers came nearly half a year late

  • Now within the 1st season people dress up and come to events

  • It's so nice

  • Already the newest one -In spring, there were Tokyo Revengers all around the world

  • Everyone was wearing the kamikaze coats with Chinese characters

  • It's like the Japanese culture a little while ago

  • Thank you

  • Did you make this by yourself?

  • I find each parts which looks like the anime and combined it

  • It's so nice

  • You don't have to even stand so it's so neat

  • Actually this position hurts my thighs

Hello, nice to meet you

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