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  • I'm Daniel Barenboim and I would like to welcome you to this episode about

  • Brahms' First Piano Concerto.

  • This will be a five-minute chat about this masterpiece.

  • The First Piano Concerto of Brahms starts with a huge orchestral introduction.

  • The orchestra at full force.

  • The music then develops, gets a little bit more lyrical

  • again dramatic back and forth and then

  • comes down to a more feeling of

  • more permanent lyricism and this is where the piano comes in:

  • A long way from

  • And it is this contrast that is permanently there

  • in this work.

  • Brahms wrote it when he was very young and didn't write a second one

  • until many years later when he had maybe mellowed.

  • But the dramatism of this is something quite extraordinary and

  • something that excites me every time I play or conduct this piece.

  • We have inthe first movement

  • usually what we call a second subject

  • a second theme which is usually in

  • contrast to the first theme and the piano plays this:

  • The second movement starts very quietly and is throughout a very quiet

  • movement.

  • Some would say almost a religious atmosphere predominates.

  • And this climate - this quiet climate, very introspective

  • runs through the whole second movement.

  • That's why the surprise when the third movement starts which is a very lively

  • almost gypsy music

  • the contrast is enormous

  • And this piece is so fascinating because usually you have concertos where the

  • orchestra plays a minor role - a role of accompanying the piano or sometimes you

  • have concertos where the piano is not so important but here you have

  • a dialogue on equal basis and it is really

  • one of the most wonderful pieces in the repertoire.

  • I have recorded this piece

  • many times.

  • The first time in 1967

  • but of course I am very attached to the most recent one which I recorded with

  • the Staatskapelle in Berlin and the conductor for whom I have great

  • affection and admiration

  • Gustavo Dudamel.

  • It was a great pleasure for me to be able to do that

  • with such a young person with such a musical talent.

  • In any case I hope you have enjoyed this episode.

  • I look forward to welcoming you

  • for the next episode. Of course you can write your comments and in your comments

  • please write also if you have any suggestions or requests of any

  • particular piece of music you would like me to talk about

I'm Daniel Barenboim and I would like to welcome you to this episode about

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5 Minutes On... Brahms - Piano Concerto No.1 (D minor) | Daniel Barenboim [subtitulado]

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