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  • In this video, we will show you

  • how to crouch in GTA V.

  • GTA V does not have a native crouch feature

  • like other games, but it does have similar alternatives.

  • GTA V allows you to take cover in a crouch stance

  • if you press R1 or RB

  • on PlayStation or Xbox controllers, respectively,

  • or Q on keyboard.

  • Your character will automatically find

  • the nearest structure,

  • such as a wall or car, and get behind it.

  • Once you disengage from the cover,

  • your character will take an upright position again.

  • GTA V also has a stealth mode players can use.

  • By pressing the left stick on a controller

  • or control on the keyboard,

  • the player's character will enter a half-crouched position

  • and walk around more quietly.

In this video, we will show you

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