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  • Hi everyone jennifer from Tarle  speech with your question of the  

  • week. It's another heteronym in our mini  series on words that are spelled the same  

  • but have different meanings  and are pronounced differently.

  • Today we have intern which is a noun and that is  

  • someone that is in training and then we have intern which means to confine to an area

  • So both of these words have the same soundsThe difference is going to be the word stress.  

  • What is word stress you might ask? Whensyllable is stressed, it is higher in pitch,  

  • louder, and the vowel is longer. Conversely when  a syllable is unstressed, it is lower, softer,  

  • and shorter, and quicker.

  • So the two beats or the two syllables.

  • And these words are intern and internSo let's talk about the sounds. For  

  • in we're going to start with that short ih soundTongue is behind the top front teeth. Mouth  

  • is relaxed. Your tongue is not touching anywhereAnd your tongue is flat and high in the mouth.

  • Next we're going to touch the teeth with the tip  

  • of the tongue for that n and air  is going to move out of the nose.

  • in in in

  • For turn, going to touch the tip of your tongue  to the back of the top front teeth, pull it down,  

  • and air is going to puff out for that t, then  move to square tense lips for that er. The tip  

  • of your tongue is either pointed down or flipped  back. Back of the tongue is pulled way high up.  

  • er er. And then touch the tip of the tongue  to the back of the top front teeth for that n.

  • in-turn

  • So if you have a heteronym, the  general rule is the word stress  

  • is towards the beginning of the word  for a noun, and the end of the word for  

  • a verb. So we're going to stress syllable number  one for the noun: in turn intern intern intern

  • And now for the verb we're going to stress  syllable number two: in turn in turn in turn.

  • So we have intern intern intern  intern intern intern intern

  • And turn and now for a sentence:

  • The intern at the funeral  home will intern the body.

  • Give it a try i know people are going to  notice the difference. If you found this  

  • helpful we'd love it if you shared  us with your friends and gave us a  

  • like. If you need more help check out our  products and our classes at Tarle speech.

  • Thank you so much everyone have an amazing week!

Hi everyone jennifer from Tarle  speech with your question of the  

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How to Pronounce INTERN & INTERN - American English Heteronym Pronunciation Lesson

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    Summer posted on 2022/07/24
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