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  • Oh, hey, Katie.

  • Hey, everyone, this is Katie.

  • - Hi. - Hello, Katie.

  • So, you ready to go?

  • Yeah, I just gotta run to the bathroom.

  • Oh, sure, right back there.

  • Hey, where are we going to lunch?

  • I was thinking maybe Chinese food.

  • Oh, I love Chinese!

  • How'd you know I love Chinese?

  • She is so cute.

  • You could fit her right in your little pocket.

  • I don't know.

  • I mean, I like her a lot and she's really nice, but...

  • But what?

  • She keeps punching me.

  • In the cute, little, sweet way she just did?

  • Hey, it's a lot harder than it looks, ok?

  • She's... shshe's hurting me.

  • I know what you need; you need a bodyguard.

  • Hey, Ross, what is Ben doing after pre-school?

  • Okay, listen, come on; Joey is having a problem.

  • A little girl is beating him up.

  • Aww, Joey, come here. Look...

  • Honey, I know, this must be really, really difficult for you, and

  • Oh, I... I'm sorry; am I hurting you?

  • ... so funny with that waiter.

  • You're such a nut!

  • You know, bread-stick fangs are always funny, so...

  • No, you make 'em funny; you're the funny one!

  • Thanks.

  • Uh, look, Katie, uh, listen, we newe need to talk, okay?

  • Um, look, I like you.

  • I... I really do; I li⏤I like you a lot, okay?

  • But sometimes when you... when you playfully punch me like, that it... it feels like someone's hitting me with a very tiny but a very real bat.

  • Aw... like I could hurt you.

  • - Are you making fun of my size? - No.

  • Don't make fun of me because of my size!

  • - Hey. - Hi.

  • Wow, you look... you look big.

  • Thanks, I've been working out.

  • Hey, listen, is it obvious I'm wearing six sweaters?

  • Uh, yeah.

  • But it's not obvious why.

  • Well, look, I'm breaking up with Katie, so I had to put on some extra padding, you know?

  • I mean, if she hits me when she's happy, can you imagine how hard she's gonna hit me when I tell her I'm taking away the Joey love?

  • Hey.

  • - Hey! Hey, cute jacket. - Oh, oh, thanks.

  • - That's so sweet. - Whoa!

  • Ow!

  • Oh, "Ow".

  • Did Joey tell you to say that?

  • - You guys are too much! - Whoa.

  • You know what, Katie, I gotta tell ya, I... I think you're the one that is too much.

  • Joey has the nicest friends.

  • Oh, and the nicest girlfriend.

  • Oh, you're so sweet!

  • - Oh, you're so sweet! - Ow!

  • - Joey, she just kicked me. - Huh.

  • Well, aren't you gonna do something?

  • Uh..

  • You better do something, or I'm gonna walk out that door right now.

  • Well, are you gonna?

  • Nah.

Oh, hey, Katie.

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Friends: Joey Has A Problem With Katie (Season 5 Clip) | TBS

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