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  • Hi everyone it's Jennifer from Tarle  speech with your question of the week.  

  • We're continuing our mini series today on  heteronyms: words that are spelled the same  

  • but with a different pronunciation  and a different meaning.

  • Our word today is excuse which is the  noun meaning a reason or an explanation

  • and excuse meaning to let  someone off for what they did.

  • To say these words correctly you're  going to start with the same syllable  

  • eks. To do this you're going to start with that eh  vowel, that short e. The tip of your tongue will  

  • just be visible between your top and your bottom  teeth, and your tongue will be flat in your mouth.

  • Next we're going to add that k. Tip of the tongue  is down, back of the tongue is pulled way high up.  

  • Then for the s you can either keep your tongue  pointed down or you can put it behind your top  

  • front teeth, as long as you do not touch your  teeth, and the air keeps moving out of the mouth.

  • eks eks eks

  • Next we're going to add another k.  

  • You know how to do that, tip of your tongue  down back of your tongue is pulled high up,  

  • and then you are going to add that 'y' sound. So  all that I do is my tongue is high in the back  

  • of my mouth for that k and the tip of the tongue  is down my tongue moves slightly up for that 'y'.

  • Then you're going to round your lips  for that ew as you do that your tongue  

  • will just flatten out in your mouth for  the noun you're going to end with an s.

  • And to do this, tip of the tongue is down, or  it is behind the top front teeth and the air is  

  • moving out of the mouth. The voice box is off. It  is not vibrating and it is not moving. eks k-yous

  • excuse excuse excuse

  • Now for excuse. All you're going to do is  end with a z. That's the difference here.  

  • And for that your voice box  is on vibrating and moving.

  • excuse excuse excuse excuse excuse excuse excuse

  • And now for a sentence:

  • The excuse does not excuse the bad behavior.

  • Give it a try people are going to notice  the difference. If you found this helpful  

  • please share us with your friends  and give us a like. If you need help  

  • check out our products and  classes at Tarle speech!

  • Thanks so much everyone have a great weekend!

Hi everyone it's Jennifer from Tarle  speech with your question of the week.  

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How to Pronounce EXCUSE & EXCUSE - American English Heteronym Pronunciation Lesson

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