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  • Hi, I'm Kristi Hemric.

  • I live in New York City; I've been creating visual content for the last three years.

  • One of my favorite things that I love about photography and videography is that technology these days is so advanced.

  • So, if you have a vision, you can create it, and it doesn't matter how expensive your equipment is.

  • I find myself using my phone more and more.

  • So, I'm gonna share with you my five favorite iPhone photography tips.

  • Tip number one: Live mode is your best friend.

  • When you use live mode, you can pick any key frame after you've taken the picture.

  • So, this is something you use when you have either a stranger or a friend taking your picture who isn't that confident behind or in front of the camera.

  • So, with live mode, even if you get a terrible shot, you can edit it later, and I'm gonna show you how to do that.

  • When asking your friend to take your photo, make sure your phone is always on live mode.

  • That way, if you end up with something like this, you can change it.

  • Click edit, then the live icon at the bottom, and you can toggle back and forth and change your key photo.

  • This is what i got.

  • Tip number two: Use long exposure to make any passing object into a colorful blur in the background.

  • I personally love doing this for taxissubways, or any type of car,

  • and I'm gonna show you how to make a boring photo into something super creative in the next reel.

  • You want to take something ordinary and turn it into an extraordinary picture?

  • Next time, try this.

  • Make sure your phone is on live mode, take a few pics, choose your favorite, swipe up, then swipe over to long exposure, and this is what you get.

  • Tip number three: Pano mode.

  • Sometimes, you can't fit the entire scene into a photograph, and that's where pano mode comes in.

  • With pano mode, you can take a traditional panoramic picture and make it the next level.

  • Trying to take a photo but you can't fit the entire background into the frame?

  • Here's what you do:

  • Switch to pano mode, flip your phone horizontally, and swipe up with the arrow.

  • Here's how mine turned out.

  • While discussing pano mode, here is a bonus tip:

  • You can use pano mode to duplicate yourself in a picture, andwill show you how.

  • Seeing double.

  • This is how I duplicate myself in an image using just my camera.

  • First, I switch to pano mode, hit a pose, tap to start.

  • Then, I switch positions, hit my second pose, tap to complete, and this is what I got.

  • Tip number four: Use live mode on your camera near a puddle, pool, or even the snow.

  • It's gonna take your photo and make itadd a ton of dimension to it, and let me show you how to do that.

  • Wanna make your pictures stand out?

  • All you need is a puddle or a pool.

  • First, make sure your phone is on wide angle.

  • Then, switch to live mode, flip your phone upside down, get the lens really close to the water and start kicking.

  • This is what you get.

  • Lastly is tip number fiveand it's one of the simplest tips:

  • But flip your phone upside down; it's totally going to change the perspective.

  • What you do is you flip your phone upside down and put it near the floorbut tilt it up.

  • It's going to add foreground and directing lines towards your subject.

  • I'm going to show you exactly what I mean in my next reel.

  • Wanna take your photos to the next level?

  • Stop taking photos straight on.

  • Instead, flip your phone upside down, drop it to the ground and tilt it up towards the subject.

  • This is gonna to give you foreground, detail, and dimension.

  • So, these are my favorite iPhone photo tips.

  • Thank you, B&H, for letting me share them.

  • I'm always looking for new ones, and I usually share one or two a week on my Instagram @Khemric and my Tik Tok is @ChicItinerary.

  • I'd love to hear your favorites, so please share them with me either in DMs or in the comments below.

  • Thank you so, so much for watching!

Hi, I'm Kristi Hemric.

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5 iPhone Photography Tips with Kristi Hemric

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