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  • These walls are super neat.

  • That's actually the ceiling.

  • Menu in the front area.

  • And we're gonna sit here close to the window or the outside area.

  • But they have a patio too with a few tables and you can bring your dogs out here if you want.

  • Thank you.

  • There's our burger.

  • So pretty.

  • We got a lot.

  • Yeah, they're kind enough to cut it for us because we're just gonna try out each one.

  • Yeah, so we got the Flower Burger which is this one and this is their most popular one. It's the Flower Burger and it has purple carrot bun, that's where the purple color comes from.

  • A red bean patty, lettuce, tomato, soybean sprouts, flower cheddar, pickles and magik sauce.

  • And we've got the Classic Chickpea which is this one and they get the color from turmeric, that's how they get that yellow color and that and that has obviously chickpea.

  • And this is a very simple one. Lettuce, tomatoes, ketchup and flower mayo.

  • Yeah, look at that.

  • I wanted to get a classic one just to try.

  • Yes.

  • And then the pink one. The Cherry Bomb.

  • Cherry Bomb.

  • So this one is the Cherry bomb and it's a beet root bun, so that's how they get that pink color.

  • It's a lentil patty.

  • Oh, okay, and lettuce, tomato, soybean sprout, flower cheddar and Rocktail sauce.

  • So very interesting burgers that we're gonna try here.

  • Oh, one more thing.

  • They also have dessert. - Oh, yeah.

  • And this is the salami chocolate. Look how interesting that is.

  • That's for dessert.

  • So yeah, but they also have sides.

  • So for the sides, we got potato wedges and edamame which we love edamame. - Yes, we love edamame.

  • So it's a really nice choice of sides 'cause you usually can only get these at bars or something like that for lunch.

  • They also have patatas buenas which is spicy sauce with the flower mayo.

  • And they also have a few other burgers you can choose from and a couple other desserts, but...

  • And yeah, an interesting thing is that they have several stores in Italy and this is the very first one they have in the U.S.

  • And it's right here in West Hollywood.

  • One of the coolest things about this place is the decor, of course.

  • It's really fun and colorful and you know I think that's what attracted us was the colorful colors.

  • And I'm always curious to try vegan stuff because it's not something that I typically eat and it's healthy too.

  • So you know trying to try new stuff and this was something that I wanted to try.

  • I'm trying the most popular one, Flower Burger.

  • And they got this color from purple carrots and inside the patty is beans, red beans.

  • So it's very light but it's packed with a lot of flavors. I think this mayo has pickles in it, like a relish.

  • It's really tasty.

  • What do you think about the buns?

  • I think that was turmeric. - Oh, turmeric.

  • Drinks that we've got their flavored drinks. One orange one lemon, it's carbonated as well.

  • It was like some light flavors and it really reminds me of Japanese drinks because these are from Italy.

  • The Italian drinks because see, she looks kind of Italian.

  • But, they're called Paoletti. It's my first time actually trying drinks from Italy like this and I was actually really impressed, I really like, it really reminds me of Japan because a lot of the Japan soda drinks are really good.

  • I actually don't drink any soda usually in the States, but when I go to Japan, I kind of load up on soda because it's so much better.

  • It's kinda like that.

  • So we had all the burgers and the Flower Burger was the clear winner.

  • I mean I could not stop eating this one, this is the one that was made out of red bean patty, and honestly, I would not have ordered this myself but it was recommended and it's very popular and I could see why because it's very flavorful.

  • It almost tastes like a Big Mac to me and I love Big Macs.

  • The rest of them were good too.

  • That one has some flavor, the Cherry Bomb.

  • And then the least amount of flavor was a Classic Chickpea.

  • So if you don't like, you know, all that sauce or anything, then this is probably the one to go with. The Classic Chickpea.

  • But if you want the most flavored, go with that Flower Burger.

These walls are super neat.

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We Tried the Most Colorful Vegan Burgers at Flower Burger in Los Angeles

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