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  • Hey!

  • It is Jennifer from Tarle speech with  your two for Tuesday homophone lesson.

  • Homophones are words that are pronounced  

  • exactly the same way with different  meanings, and different spellings.

  • We have 

  • browse to casually look through and brows ridges or hair over the eyes

  • We have four sounds today.

  • I put the br together because I think it's easiest  to kind of think about those as a unit. So to say  

  • consonant clusters or blends  which are those two sounds  

  • that are pronounced together. The two consonant  sounds we're gonna think about starting that r  

  • before we even say the b sound. The reason is you  want your tongue to be in the right spot for that  

  • r so you don't have a vowel in between the  b and the r. It's not bu r. It's not that.  

  • Got to be ready for that r. So let's get our  tongue ready for the r. So to do this you want  

  • the back of your tongue to be pulled way high  up. Tip of your tongue is either down or flipped  

  • back. It depends on the person, just as long as  you are not touching your teeth with the tip of  

  • your tongue. Okay now that you know where your  tongue is going to be, close your lips for that  

  • b sound. As you open your lips then you're going  to start saying the r sound right after the b.

  • Awesome!

  • Now we're going to move to the  

  • ow and to do this open your mouth inwide circle. Tip of the tongue is low,  

  • back of the tongue is pulled way high upand then we're going to move to a pucker. ow  

  • When you move to that pucker that tongue is just  going to move to flat in the middle of the mouth.

  • Then we're going to end with the  z sound. Tip of your tongue is  

  • behind the top front teeth or slightly  pointed down and your voice box is on  

  • and moving. Your tongue does not  touch anywhere for that z sound.

  • Let's put it all together:

  • brows brows brows brows brows brows

  • And now for a sentence

  • The models like to browse the makeup  aisle for pencils for their brows.

  • Give it a try people are going  to notice the difference!

  • If you found this helpful would you please share  us with your friends and give us a like. And  

  • don't forget to subscribe and if need more help we  have classes and products listed at Tarle speech.

  • Thanks so much everyone have an amazing week!


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How to Pronounce BROWS & BROWSE - American English Homophone Pronunciation Lesson

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    Summer posted on 2022/06/17
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