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Hi! I'm Noah
and today we will be talking about pets!
oh my gosh...
and apparently this is my first ever TV commercial
*Dinosaur chicken noises*
there once was 2 dogs named Barney and...and Ed
they both, they both had a friendship
it would never end
apparently! apparently!
but he didn't like any of the food
and it made his farts stink all day and night
i'm tryin to touch my toes
I like ca...I like dogs better
because they like to lick your face
*dog sounds*
well first you're going to have to train them to be a good boy
and second, you're going to have to play fetch...
healthy dog food (whispers)
well apparently Freshpet food is the best food than ordinary dog food
he wants to eat it every night, every day
*dinosaur chicken sounds*
apparently, now that's some good food!
by the way, you can keep on playing some TNT on that one
but don't blow it up until you have something captured in there
this is the greatest pet food!
for a pet!
and I also keep my dog's food in the fridge
you know what
and I think Simba will be fresh as a turkey on Thanksgiving
my nickname Apparently Kid so uh
apparently you if
if you don't know my name just say Apparently Kid
and and uh and
and uh, phone number...
just call the Apparently Kid when you see this commercial
bye and apparently!
I'm the winnerrrrrrr!!!!
what is your favorite type of uh...
and it can't be a bird because birds are already existed
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Apparently Kid’s First Ever TV Commercial - Freshpet

53530 Folder Collection
Halu Hsieh published on September 16, 2014    Ashley Chen translated    Johnny Tsai reviewed
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