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  • Please, Kakarot, you have to listen to me.

  • Is there no way to silence this blithering buffoon?

  • It would seem he's intent on talking me to death.

  • I need you to know what happened to Planet Vegeta, where we were born.

  • It's gone, destroyedthat's true.

  • But not...not 'cause it collided with a giant meteor.

  • It was Frieza!

  • Frieza did it!

  • After we Saiyans served him faithfully and blindly followed his every last order,

  • he... he betrayed us; he disposed of our race like common trash, wiped us from existence,

  • so that now, we are all that remain.

  • We're all gone!

  • Your parents, my father, the king.

  • We Saiyans were growing in strength and numbers, and Frieza feared that soon, a super Saiyan would be born among us!

  • It terrified him.

  • That old story again?

  • I... didn't know.

  • I'm begging you, please, beat him for me.

  • For the pride of our race. you must defeat him.

  • Please!

  • He must die by a Saiyan's hand.

Please, Kakarot, you have to listen to me.

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B1 US vegeta super saiyan saiyan race born disposed

Vegeta Cries

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    たらこ posted on 2022/07/26
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