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  • Rav: In the UK,

  • if you said that someone had stolen your thunder,

  • most people would know what you meant.

  • Man 1: It means that someone's taken credit

  • for something that you've done.

  • Woman: I guess,

  • they did something better than you did,

  • and they took all the credit for it.

  • Man 2: Stolen your ideas.

  • Rav: Can you give me a sentence

  • where you would use that saying?

  • Man 1: I should have been promoted but

  • someone else stole my thunder.

  • Man 2: I was going to make a unique presentation

  • at work, and somebody had stolen my thunder.

  • Woman: If someone turned up to my wedding

  • in a great big white dress,

  • they've stolen my thunder.

  • Rav: But not a lot of people know

  • where it comes from.

  • Where do you think that saying came from?

  • Man 2: I've not a clue. Maybe the British weather!

  • Woman 1: I don't know. Maybe the weather?!

  • Rav: What these Londoners don't realise

  • is that stolen your thunder

  • came from here.

  • The Theatre Royal in Drury Lane

  • is the oldest theatre

  • in London's West End.

  • It's even older than the BBC.

  • In 1709,

  • a man named John Dennis invented a machine

  • that made a noise just like a clap of thunder.

  • The thunder machine was fantastic,

  • but Dennis's play wasn't.

  • Soon after its opening night, his play was replaced

  • by a production of Macbeth.

  • When John Dennis went back to the Theatre Royal

  • to see this new production

  • he was outraged to discover

  • that his thunder machine was being used

  • in Macbeth, and no one had asked his permission.

  • The story goes that he stood up and shouted

  • "they will not let my play run,

  • but they steal my thunder."

  • And so the phrase to steal someone's thunder

  • was born.

  • And it came from the area around here,

  • and not from up here.

Rav: In the UK,

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This is where the phrase 'steal someone's thunder' comes from...

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