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  • [What] The heck is that?

  • There's no point in running away.

  • You've already lost the battle.

  • What are you talking about?

  • - Take a look at your hands. - My hands? Why?

  • What's wrong with my han

  • What's this?

  • You're poisoned.

  • A spider bit you, didn't it?

  • You're gonna turn into one before long.

  • Leave my sight.

  • You know why.

  • Our teacher is an extraordinary man.

  • The time he spends training you is all for nothing!

  • Why are you even here?

  • Don't worry about it, Zenitsu.

  • That's good enough progress.

  • Mastering even one is cause for celebration!

  • But Gramps, thunder breathing has six forms, and all I can manage to do is one.

  • You're not much of a threat, are you?

  • And you call yourself a demon slayer.

  • The way you cry like a baby all day long...

  • ... aren't you ashamed of yourself?

  • I hate even looking at you, so get out!

  • The fact is...

  • ... I hate myself more than anyone else.

  • Zenitsu, believe in yourself.

  • It's all right to cry or go off by yourself.

  • Just don't ever give up!

  • You can only do one thing.

  • Perfect it!

  • Thunder breathing...

  • ... First form.

  • Focus on what you do best!

  • Thunderclap and Flash!

  • The potential lies within you!

  • Sixfold!

  • Don't ever give up!

  • Work to forge yourself like a tempered blade, and become the most resilient of all!

  • Don't ever give up.

[What] The heck is that?

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