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  • The outside world's really cool.

  • I have cool friends.

  • Yeah.

  • I live in a cool treehouse.

  • Yeah.

  • I go on cool quests.

  • Yeah.

  • That sounds dangerous.

  • No!

  • But people need danger in order to grow.

  • How will y'all survive when you leave the island?

  • Leaving the island would destroy us.

  • Besides, why would they want to leave?

  • We have everything you could need.

  • - You hungry? - Always.

  • Minerva-Bot, please show him today's specials.

  • Happy Home Burgers with Choco-Fries and our famous Cozy Banana Split Blankie.

  • Gimme all them specials in one bowl.

  • Jake!

  • I'm so glad you like it.

  • If you're not gonna hear what I'm saying, then look inside my head.

  • Danger zone!

  • Finn!

  • I'm okay.

  • Sweet remembrances, bro.

  • Your world seems so chaotic.

  • Your ruler is a piece of gum.

  • Your friend's a vampire.

  • You dated a bit of fire.

  • Your life is constantly in danger!

  • It's my home; it's where I belong.

  • As your mother, I think you belong somewhere safe.

  • It's not your responsibility to fight monsters all the time.

  • Let the grass kid do it, or the vampire girl.

  • Minerva-Bot Five, ready the cloud chamber.

  • Now, be a good boy and get into this machine so it can juice up your precious essence.

  • Mom, not only am I not getting juiced, I'm gonna leave this place and take everyone to freedom.

  • Okay, sweetie, but I think you'll find everyone's pretty happy here.

The outside world's really cool.

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Adventure Time | Finn Meets His Mom (Clip) | HBO Max Family

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