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  • Hello! Isn't it a lovely day? I do  hope you're having a nice summer.  

  • Today I am making a vegetable salad with aspicIt's not a complicated dish but it does take time  

  • and needs an eye for detail. It'll do nicely  for a summer luncheon dish for a ladies' lunch.

  • For this recipe, you will need...

  • I'm going to start with the vegetables. I  have potato, carrots, celery, green beans  

  • and cauliflower. Mary-Ann has neatly and  precisely cut the vegetables into slices  

  • and small shapes. It's important to keep them  consistent so that each mouthful is just right.  

  • You could use boiled vegetables from dinner so  long as they are still presentable. These I've  

  • specially blanched. You don't want to boil them  for too long otherwise they'll fall to pieces.  

  • I like to keep them all separate like this  so that my salad will be nice and balanced.  

  • But first I'm going to take out some of these  florets and some of the carrots for later.

  • Now, for my mayonnaise, I have two egg yolks  and I'm going to add a little mustard and salt.  

  • Be generous with the salt. After all,  'salad' comes from 'sal' which is salt.

  • Mayonnaise takes time and patience to make. You  need to add the salad oil a little drop at a time.

  • I do like mayonnaise. Not just for  salads but also as an accompaniment.  

  • And if it's nice and thick, I like to pipe it.

  • Mayonnaise is a French word butdon't think the recipe is that old.  

  • I trained under a French chef and it  set me in good standing! There was a  

  • French chef here at Audley End House  before I arrived, Monsieur Merer.  

  • I understand he was very extravagant and  didn't know his way around a pudding!

  • As I would like my mayonnaise to set, I'm now  going to add some aspic. Aspic is a savoury jelly  

  • that can be used to thicken  sauces like this or as a garnish.  

  • You can buy aspic nowaways from the grocer,  

  • although it's a good idea to  know how to make your own.  

  • We use a good veal stock and calves' feet which  are then boiled down and clarified. A similar  

  • way really to making gelatine although you can  buy very good quality gelatine from the grocer.

  • I'm now going to add my vegetablesJust a small handful of each. Oh,  

  • and my capers and gherkins and olives.

  • This is a moulded salad so I'm using my Charlotte  mould, but you could use any shape mould:  

  • a conical shape, or even a funnel... if you work  in an ill-equipped kitchen. It's already been  

  • well greased and in the top I've got a circle  of greased paper so the salad will come out.  

  • It's sitting in a bowl of ice and allneed to do now is to add my salad mix.

  • And now that's ready to go into  the refrigeratorthe ice box.

  • Now that I've turned the salad  out, I've put it on a plate  

  • and it's sitting on a bowl of  ice. It's time to decorate it.  

  • Round the outside I'm going to put some of  the asparagus. I shall dip it in some aspic  

  • and stick it around the outside.  

  • I'm going to keep an eye on the asparagus and  if it looks like they might be coming away,  

  • I'll just tie a piece of string around the outside  to hold them in place until just before we serve.

  • For a salad like this, you wouldn't necessarily  need to use the mayonnaise in the middle.  

  • You could just use the mould and then attach  your vegetables all around the outside.  

  • My favourite set mayonnaise  are the ones with tomatoes.

  • Now that the asparagus is in place I'm  going to take a little bit of celeriac.  

  • Celeriac isn't very common so will addlittle bit of exotic taste to the salad.

  • And on the celeriac I shall place my little crown.

  • And around it I think some  cauliflower and some of the carrot.

  • You could use one of the other colours  of carrots: perhaps white or purple.

  • And now to decorate the plate, I'm  going to use some aspic with beef stock  

  • which should catch the light  very nicely in the dining room.

  • And now I'm going to add some quail's eggs.

  • And there you are. Vegetable salad with aspic.

Hello! Isn't it a lovely day? I do  hope you're having a nice summer.  

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How to Make Vegetable Salad — The Victorian Way

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