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  • Hey there!

  • Welcome To Life Noggin.

  • Arrrr!!!!

  • Arrrr!!!

  • I can’t do it, I can’t be mad...

  • Anger can come from anywhere - from certain people or events, to even past memories.

  • But research shows that anger can negatively affect relationships and even lead to bad

  • health.

  • Some studies show that anger can increase blood pressure, prolong reaction times, and

  • even impair decision-making., Researchers have even found an association between negative

  • emotions or anger and conditions like heart disease, bulimia, and type 2 diabetes.

  • And repressing anger can have bad consequences as well.

  • Anger suppression has been linked to anxiety, depression, hypertension, and high blood pressure.,

  • Despite all those negatives, expressing anger in a constructive way can actually be beneficial.

  • To help with this video I brought on my good friend SomethingElseYT.

  • ADAM: Did you put me in this video because you think I'm an angry person?

  • Blocko: well no...I just

  • ADAM: because I'm not!!!!

  • ADAM: ...Anyways!

  • Research shows that in social situations expressing anger can actually increase an individual’s

  • power and control,

  • and even help them in negotiations or confrontations.

  • And psychologists have found that angry episodes actually helped strengthen relationships around

  • 50 percent of the time

  • Due to an improved understanding of the person and problem.

  • But they note that only constructive anger expression between the two parties is beneficial

  • -

  • in which one person expresses their anger, in an assertive, non-aggressive manner,

  • and the other reacts appropriately to help solve the problem or concern.


  • Anger can also have physical benefits.

  • In a small study on athletes, researchers found that performance in a physical task

  • was significantly greater for participants that were angry compared to those who were

  • happy or neutral before completing the task.

  • And while they didn’t find any difference between the groups during cognitive tasks,

  • other research indicates that anger can actually boost creativity, though only for a short

  • period of time.

  • So, what’s the best way to express your anger?

  • Well, it turns out that ranting may not be the best choice, sorry!

  • As a study on rant-themed websites found that this just made people angrier.

  • And breaking stuff may not work so well either, again, possibly leaving you even angrier afterward.

  • So you can forget about replacing therapy with those Break Rooms.

  • Even though theyre really fun!

  • ADAM:

  • But a popular method of managing negative emotions is through something called affect

  • labeling -

  • which is when you put your feelings into words.

  • This can be done through talk therapy or even just by writing them down.

  • Research would suggest that this method may work by diminishing the emotional reactivity

  • in your brain.

  • Whatever the reason, studies have shown that it’s an effective method of regulating emotions.

  • BLOCKO: A study on chronic pain sufferers found that

  • patients who wrote about their anger significantly increased their control over pain, decreased

  • their depressed mood, experienced a marginal improvement in their pain severity, and were

  • more likely to try to make sense of their emotions compared to those who wrote about

  • neutral topics.

  • In addition to talking or writing about it, there are lots of healthy ways of dealing

  • with your anger.

  • You could take a break to let yourself calm down, try to solve the problem that caused

  • the anger, or release tension through relaxation or humor.,

  • And if you feel your anger is out of control or hurting your relationships, you can always

  • seek help through therapists and other medical professionals.

  • Just don't do what he's doing.

  • ADAM:

  • I'm expressing myself Blocko.


  • Adam continues shooting flames.

  • So do you think youre an angry person?

  • Was there an event that made you the most angry youve ever been?

  • If you feel comfortable with sharing, let us know in the comment section below.

  • Don’t forget to check out SomeThingElseYT’s channel, he’s very talented and makes incredible

  • videos!

  • freshman year like any kid or teen starting school i had this mindset of "i need to act

  • a certain way to fit in" or "i need to like what everyone else likes to be cool and whatever".

  • An exhausting and annoying mindset to have because I could never express myself properly

  • without feeling as if i was doing something wrong.

  • As always my name is Blocko!

  • This has been Life Noggin!

  • Don’t forget to keep on thinking.

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