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  • I like to walk into people's lives

  • and show them a different angle, show them a different perspective.

  • The industry I work in it's marketing, advertising,

  • basically.

  • What I have been specializing in the last few years

  • is rich media.

  • It's a great combination of all the things I really

  • like doing-- storytelling, animation, graphic design,

  • different people, different situations,

  • different locations.

  • That's where I get my inspiration from.

  • Don't get too comfortable.

  • I had a really happy childhood.

  • My parents let me do whatever I wanted to do.

  • Playing "Dungeons & Dragons" was cool.

  • There was so much freedom to explore these worlds.

  • Being dyslexic forces you in other areas.

  • So, for instance, I couldn't write and read very well,

  • but I was able to draw.

  • Oh hey, look-- old storyboards.

  • Memory lane.

  • When I came from art school, basically the only option

  • at the time was Flash animation.

  • So for me, that was a really good opportunity.

  • When I started doing rich media, I

  • didn't even know what rich media was.

  • You see it everywhere.

  • I mean, it's like the upgraded version of your banner ads.

  • I was overseeing a lot of mastheads for YouTube.

  • And at some point, Google asked me,

  • do you want to participate in one of our beta programs

  • for Google Web Designer?

  • I was like, yeah, sure.

  • You know, I'll try it.

  • Initially, I sent a pretty long list of stuff

  • that I felt was missing.

  • And they were like, wow.

  • So we started collaborating.

  • And here I am.

  • HTML5 is a mix of several technologies.

  • We can do really immersive storytelling.

  • And people can explore this content in a more enjoyable way

  • than it was before.

  • What's great with HTML5 is that it opens the door to mobile.

  • That's always been very hard to actually publish

  • interactive content on the mobile phone,

  • which you would need a big team.

  • Now, all of a sudden, with Google Web Designer,

  • you're able to do this just by yourself.

  • HTML5 will take us into an unknown universe that

  • is just waiting to be explored.

  • It opens up doors to new places.

  • In the future, I guess I want to make

  • more independent productions, even use

  • the techniques I've learned and utilize them

  • in a different way.

  • We'll see how that works out.



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A Google Web Designer Thought Experiment

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