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  • Hi, I'm candy and I'm crystal and together we're travel pockets were sisters who love to travel the world in style.

  • Eye candy live in California and crystal lives in florida.

  • And even though we live on opposite coasts, we still managed to travel together quite often, not just locally but globally as well.

  • Yes.

  • And recently we've done a ton of road trips, especially in the us from actually from florida to California and some of the most memorable places we've been to recently for me was White Sands National Park and there was petrified National Forest, which is really cool.

  • And then we've also done Grand Canyon and Valley of Fire State Park.

  • But there's also like cities like austin texas was really fun and Flagstaff was a little town that was a little bit different to do a lot of places in California along the coast as well, Oceanside Big Sur.

  • And we also travel of course internationally, some places we've been to that been unique.

  • We've been to cuba yeah, that was a really fun one and then we also went to Costa rica.

  • We went to Belgium Amsterdam.

  • Um London we also make it a point to travel to Japan once a year because that's where we're from.

  • We were both born and raised in Japan.

  • Yeah, so our dad was actually in the military, he was stationed in Japan.

  • So we both grew up there and lived there most of our lives.

  • That's where mom is from.

  • Yeah, mom is japanese.

  • Our dad's american mom's Japanese and so after we both graduated high school we moved to the states but our family remained in Japan after my dad retired.

  • So our parents still live there and also one of our siblings still lives there.

  • So we try to go there at least once a year.

  • So as a result of that we have a lot of videos in Japan too and when we're not able to travel together, I actually go on a lot of solo trips.

  • I love solo trips.

  • I've been to Barcelona Prague um even in places like Ukraine Chernobyl because I was very fascinated with the whole event that happened and I also like to do solo cross country road trips.

  • So I've been from florida to California and back multiple times and I absolutely love it.

  • I think it's so much fun exploring more of the States and kuma gets to come with me too.

  • So that was the main reason why I started that was so that I can bring kuma with me and once I get to California then candy and I take a lot of trips together with our dogs.

  • Yeah, I'm actually not very keen on traveling solo, that's not for everyone, but I do love traveling with our pets and going on road trips With crystal Kuma and then my two English Springer Spaniels.

  • So we have done a lot of trips together with our pubs, which that's one thing I really enjoy doing so with all this traveling, obviously we have a ton of tips for you, we've got travel guys, travel itineraries, what to wear, what to pack, how to get ready for your trip when you're traveling with your dog and so much more.

  • Yeah.

  • So from hidden gems to fashion trends, we're here to guide you on your next adventure.

  • So make sure to subscribe to our channel and also hit that bell notification button because we post videos weekly and would love for you to follow us along.

Hi, I'm candy and I'm crystal and together we're travel pockets were sisters who love to travel the world in style.

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