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  • Hi and welcome to A E helps isles test preparation videos.

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  • Alright, so in this lesson we will be looking at an academic Eilts task one writing.

  • Okay, so now that I've gone through the necessary steps of preparation, I'm ready to begin writing my response.

  • So this is writing the response, writing a strong response.

  • So Again, the first part is the description.

  • You need to invent five spaces.

  • It is a new paragraph.

  • So let's begin describing it for the first sentence.

  • Just simply use the paraphrase of the questions.

  • So these two uh bar charts defect, the quantity of tourists ah two two metro politan areas um Seattle and Niagara falls.

  • Um The why access or here we need to use a plural of course because we have two Y axes, so the plural for accesses axes.

  • Yeah, so the y axes indicate the thank you.

  • Number of visitors with intervals of Yeah, half a million notice here that I'm mentioning the intervals but I'm not mentioning the minimum maximum because I'm going to compare that in my analysis but it is a good idea that you tell your reader that you're observant and you're clear about what you're looking at.

  • Um Nice use of academic words here with intervals.

  • Um and then again your job when you describe a graph or chart is to change mechanical language.

  • So numbers into human language.

  • So instead of saying 500,000 Um make it more humans say 0.5 million.

  • Okay.

  • And then the y axes um mm the X axes.

  • So the X axes um show the months of the year from january two december.

  • Okay.

  • And again before you sit the aisle, let's just make sure that with common um measurements and words like days of the week and months of the year, you're very clear on the spelling of these words, these should be accurate.

  • So if you're not sure, make sure you review them, not just for the writing but also this is very important for the listening section.

  • So anyway, so the X axis shows the months of the year from january to december.

  • Um This gives a general description of these two bar graphs or bar charts.

  • Now I'm ready to continue on with the analysis part of this response using of course the points that I found and rank ordered from most to least important number one to number 45 before I started writing.

  • So let's use those and let's compose the analysis and the analysis you can follow right underneath.

  • In previous videos.

  • I mentioned that you can write it all as one big paragraph which is still okay but since then I do give the advice that it's a good idea to separate the description from the analysis and the conclusion just so it's more clear for the readers so we're going to continue now with the analysis.

  • Alright, so for the analysis part um just simply go step by step through the points that you have already indicated on the bar charts for comparison.

  • So again and then your five spaces separate this out as a new paragraph just to make it clear for the examiner.

  • And then let's begin with our first point.

  • So here we notice that the total number of visitors per month is significantly higher to Niagara Falls than to Seattle.

  • And this of course is mostly indicated by looking at not the form of the graph but the Y.

  • Axis.

  • And observing that the maximum for Niagara is 4.5 million, as were for Seattle, it's 2.5.

  • So um the main difference um between mhm tourism in these two cities are the overall flow of um visitors.

  • Okay.

  • And then you want to definitely explain this point a little bit more clearly so.

  • Mhm.

  • Um The the y access for uh Niagara, Okay, Falls has a maximum limit.

  • What of 4.5 million?

  • As where um the y access for Seattle is 2.5 million.

  • Okay.

  • And then we can look at the highest bars to explain this difference.

  • So the reason for this difference, Yeah.

  • Is that the greatest number of tourists and the months of july and august oh reaches four million in Niagara Falls.

  • Mhm.

  • And Okay, Only half of that in Seattle.

  • So of course that's two million.

  • So therefore you don't need to have a bar graph with such a high upper limit as for Niagara falls again, notice the human language, so reaches four million in Niagara Falls and only half of that in Seattle.

  • Now, not only did I compare the difference in the overall flow of visitors, but I was also able to indicate the months of july and august as having the highest number of visitors In both of these cities at four and 2 million.

  • Alright, so I'm continuing on from here with my second point, which is to state that mostly both of these bar graphs show a similar pattern, so pay close attention to the information that is Similar between the two, of course.

  • Firstly here we notice that the X axis january to december is identical in both graphs.

  • It's really important that you catch this kind of connection.

  • Do remember that there's always a connection between grass when you have multiple graphs and you must make that connection to get a high score.

  • So let's continue on.

  • So continuing with the analysis, never the less to see the rest of this video and for lots more help with the task.

Hi and welcome to A E helps isles test preparation videos.

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