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  • mhm mhm.

  • Everybody tonight from the verge we are here at Apple park.

  • We're in the steve jobs theater for the first time in many years to go hands on with the new M two powered Macbook Air Apple's redesigned this laptop.

  • The famous wedge shape is gone.

  • It's more of a traditional slab shape comes into fun new colors, Starlight and midnight addition to silver and space gray.

  • Honestly, this computer is beautiful to hold its 11 mm thin weighs £2.7. It's incredibly thin and light in the hand.

  • I might just be excited because we actually get to do a hands on in person for the first time in so long.

  • But I'm pretty sure this computer is incredibly nice to hold inside you with the M two chip which has an eight core CPU and a 10 core Gpu.

  • Apple says that in things like Photo shop will be 1.4 times faster than the outgoing M one Air Apples also quoting an 18 hour battery life, but that's just a video playback time so we'll have to see what its actual battery life in real world use is obviously the M one did great lasted all day.

  • I would expect nothing less from this M two Air ports wise.

  • The big edition here is that Magsafe ports on the side that lets you use both thunderbolt ports here while you're charging the computer on the other side.

  • You've got a headphone jack.

  • Love that now supports high impedance headphones.

  • The display is a little bit bigger at 13.6 inches, 500 bits of brightness now supports p three wide color gamut that gets you a billion colors display bezel is also a little bit reduced than before.

  • That's getting out to the edges because you've got a notch at the top for the camera.

  • The camera is 10 80 P.

  • Apple says it's obviously a big improvement over the outgoing air with twice the low light performance.

  • The outgoing air had a horrible camera so any step up here is bound to seem huge.

  • It looks beautiful here in the well lit steve jobs theater.

  • We will have to see what it actually looks like when we get a review unit.

  • The keyboard here is Apple's very familiar scissor key keyboard, full heights which is touch I.

  • D.

  • On the side.

  • Obviously Apple makes great track pads.

  • You're also looking at four speakers and beam forming mix inside this thing which Apple says will greatly improve videoconferencing quality.

  • Very hard to tell in this noisy room Full of all these people.

  • We'll have to test that when we get a review unit.

  • I gotta say my favorite update to the um to Macbook Air.

  • That might be the charging situation.

  • The base model comes with a 30 watt single ports USB C charger.

  • Very familiar but you can pay 20 bucks more to upgrade to either a dual USB C ports, 35 watt charger or a single port 67 watt fast charger.

  • That'll take you from 0 to 50% in just 30 minutes.

  • As far as pricing, the base model is 11 99 that comes with eight gigs of RAM, 256 gigs of storage in a lonely single USB seaport, 30 watt charger.

  • You can step up to the 14 99 configuration that gets you 512 gigs of storage and that 35 watt dual USB C charger.

  • Obviously, you can also configure this thing online to your heart's desire price, it way up in the stratosphere.

  • But those are the two stock can fix.

  • That is the M two Macbook Air.

  • That's not the only M two computer in Apple's lineup.

  • The 13 inch Macbook Pro has also been updated the M two and for some bizarre reason it still has a touch bar.

  • I don't know why, but it does.

mhm mhm.

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All-new MacBook Air with M2 hands-on

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